From our Assistant Principal 

Polished Man

Shane Holloway has proudly announced that, for the fifth year in a row, he is an Ambassador for Polished Man during October.  For the whole month Shane will be painting one nail to raise funds to help end the violence against children around the world. It is reported that over 1 billion children experienced violence in the last year alone, which is half of the world’s children. If you are interested in supporting Shane and this great cause you can donate to his page


Instilling Confidence

It is hard as a parent to stand back and watch children when they are hurting. Often we wish we could step in and take their worries away from them. However, disappointment and setbacks are a part of all our lives, so we need to build and maintain children’s confidence, enabling them to get through the tough times.  During this time of COVID it is sometimes even harder to instil confidence in our kids.

Often talking about the things that are bothering a child can help alleviate the stress a child might be feeling. Try to take time out when things are quiet, to have a quality chat about how they feel about their life at present. Try to talk in a quiet and accepting manner, about their fears or difficulties. Look at choices and possible consequences for those choices. 

Build responsibility by offering simple choices. A younger child can choose between two things, like which cereal they would like for breakfast. The older child can make choices based on consequences, although parents should have input if they feel child is making an unwise decision.

Encourage your child and let them know that making mistakes is an important part of learning and that having a go and giving it your best is what is important. Let your children know that there is a correlation between effort and success. The ability for children to persist is extremely important.

Our Wellbeing pages, in this Newsletter and on the Remote Learning website, have some fantastic resources for parents during these challenging times.

Carol Wyatt  -  Assistant Principal