School News

Curriculum Day

The next Curriculum Day is next Tuesday, 10th March. On this day staff will be focusing on Numeracy.  Students do not attend school on the 10th March.

Prep Ice Breaker

It is lovely each year to welcome new families to our school community. Thank you to the Parents’ Association for running the Prep Ice Breaker again this year.  We look forward to working with our new families for many years to come.

Mr Napier reported that a fun time was had by all!!

Leadership Badges at Assembly

This is a reminder to parents that the Year 6 Leadership Badges. Choir Badges, Band Badges and JSC Badges will be presented at a special assembly next Wednesday morning 11th March at 9am.

Parent Teacher Conferences

The parent teacher conferences will be held on Thursday 26th March from 2 to 8pm.  Parents will be asked to sign up for their appointments through COMPASS. 

Because of the Year 4 camp in the last week of Term One, the Year 4 parents will be invited to attend their meetings on Monday 16th March.

Year Six Camp

The Year Six camp headed off yesterday morning for Camp Coolamatong and will return on Friday afternoon. The students are accompanied by the classroom teachers (Cadell Duke, Ben Parker and Sarah Lee), Barb Byrt, Adam Kelly, Robyn James, Craig Marchant, Lucy Nicholls,  Nicky Milsom and Oliver Moore.  We thank all of these adults for their commitment to our students.

End of Term

The last day of Term One is Friday 27th March. Students will be dismissed at 2:30.

Beginning of Term 2

School resumes on Tuesday 14th April.