VAPS PIPS NGV Reflection

18 August - National Gallery of Victoria - Year 8 - 11 Students

VAPS has run Philosophy in Public Spaces (PIPS) events at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) for 10 years now. The NGV is one of our strongest partners and passionate supporters. The relationship between art and philosophy is always an interesting way to exploring thinking.


While the NGV has supported our PIPS events for a long time, we have for 10 years run of Year 4-6 PIPS event at the NGV (as we did this year in Term 2). However, this year we expanded to a second event in Term 3 for Years 8 - 11. This event, running for the first time, was a roaring success. We had one teacher note that this was "the best day I've ever had in my teaching career". And this enthusiasm by the old people was matched by that of our young people.