Student of the Week Awards

Awards for Term 1 Week 2

Foundation O'SullivanGed Farrow
Foundation TartagliaStephanie Worm
Yr. 1 Petrie/BorzilloAstin Montgomery
Yr. 1 SimpsonBrendan Powles
Yr. 2 NilbettHunter Laidlaw, Lexi Newman & Samuel Reid
Yr. 2 DundonRydah Armitage & Luca Newman
Yr. 3/4 BrownSummer Maskell
Yr. 3/4 CameronAnnaliese Gray
Yr. 3/4 BradburyShiloh Reid
Yr. 5/6 BasileAryan Shetty
Yr. 5/6 SlaughterJames Nevins
Yr. 5/6 PoppaJack Young

Principal's Award Term 1 Week 2

Congratulations to Harry Cameron for receiving the Term 1 Week 2 Principal's Award. Harry is shining example of what our Sacred Heart School values mean. He is generous with his time and readily shares his gifts and talents in many ways.  Harry is respectful, responsible and goes out of his way to do little things to help others. Well done Harry.


Awards for Term 1 Week 3

Foundation O'SullivanAlexandra Tartaglia
Foundation TartagliaLiam Clarke & Alexa Mercuri
Yr. 1 Petrie/BorzilloKhloe Reid
Yr. 1 SimpsonJarvis Smith
Yr. 2 NilbettIsaac Burr & Oliver Dainton
Yr. 2 DundonAlannah Mutimer
Yr. 3/4 BrownShanae Martin-Fordham
Yr. 3/4 CameronNathan Aitken
Yr. 3/4 BradburyDarcy Hawkins
Yr. 5/6 BasileLila Hernandez
Yr. 5/6 SlaughterCooper Bamford
Yr. 5/6 PoppaNate Vincitorio, Jack Young & Kaidyn Walsh

Principal's Award Term 1 Week 3

Congratulations to Anton Basile for receiving the Term 1 Week 3 Principal's Award. Anton also has really displayed the Sacred Heart values.  He has been a wonderful buddy, reliable, responsible and keen to try new challenges. He is working hard and focused on giving everything his very best. Well done Anton.