Year 9 Science Elective - Forensics 

This semester the Forensic class has started learning about the processes of death and autopsy. On Monday we performed an autopsy on a rat to simulate an actual autopsy. This will help lead into the next topic of entomology in forensics. We have fly eggs about ready to hatch so we can observe the full life cycle of the fly. 


Senior production casting is almost finalised and rehearsals for our May production of the Australian Gothic play Picnic at Hanging Rock began last week. Rehearsals are running every Thursday after school in Banksia Hall if there are anymore yrs 9-12 students interested.

We are welcoming any expressions of interest from students to assist in backstage, lighting, sound, and families to help with set and prop building/ painting. If you are interested in helping please email Mel Evans or Laura Zimmerling

Keep an eye out for ticket sales and news on our Junior production later in the year.


In Term 4 last year we started the K9 Therapy Dog Training course. Due to Covid restrictions the course had to be undertaken online. The course consisted of two parts. PART 1 consisted of 40 questions related the breed of the dog, how the dog will be cared for, knowledge of canine disease and treatment and how the dog relates to people in various situations.

Part 2 consisted of 10 videos displaying how Heidi reacted to various situations. For example, if multiple people approach her, if someone approached her in a wheelchair etc.

We are pleased to announce that Heidi and Kym (her trainer) have passed the course. We are currently awaiting our certification, jacket and swag to arrive in the mail.

Heidi will spend her school days in the Wellbeing office. Offering support via a wagging tail or a gentle lean on the student’s leg and to just be a friendly, calm and supportive member of the Wellbeing Team. Heidi also loves to visit students in the yard at recess and at lunch.


Introducing our MYP Team

Welcome to MYP at Mount Eliza Secondary College.  Our vision is to create a collaborative and personalised approach to support students and staff as active learners. We work to empower students to be their best by questioning their experiences, expressing themselves with confidence and participating in local, national and global communities. As an International Baccalaureate MYP School, our program at Years 7 - 9 focuses on the building of capabilities that are cross curricula and transferable.

All of our teachers can be contacted either via Compass or by phone; however, the list below may assist you to contact the most appropriate person.

Our coordinators are responsible for student management and wellbeing.


Year 7 Coordinators: 

Therase Heinze and Brooke Davies


Year 8 Coordinator: Rebecca Clarke


Year 9 Coordinator: Karli Sellenger


Our educational leaders oversee curriculum development and programs.

7-9 Educational Leaders: 

Stacey Sullivan and Will Lawson


MYP Acting Assistant Principal: 

Celeste Lombardi


A warm welcome back to the MYP cohort of 2021! We are thrilled to see all of our students acclimatising themselves into the school routine, from year 7 students learning how their locks and timetables work, to the year 8 and 9 students remembering the way through the school to familiar classrooms and subjects. The MYP department have commented on the smooth transition back into school life and are reporting strong engagement in our classrooms. Our school swimming carnival was a great opportunity to show team-spirit and demonstrate our school values in the pool and as spectators cheering on the competitors.

 A group of year 7 students have been able to share their thoughts about the first two weeks:


“It has definitely been a new, different, fresh two weeks with new friendships, teachers and all. My favourite activity has been making some new friends and making new memories. I have loved participating in food tech and messing around with recipes as well as eating what I make in class! A big challenge has been finding my way around the school and getting used to moving to different classes each period. The best advice for this is to bring your timetable around with you all the time so you don’t get lost. The teachers have all been really supportive!”

C. Dunn


“The past 2 weeks have been really busy! May favourite activity so far was definitely the swimming carnival. I have also really enjoyed the Connect classes – the discussions we have had are helpful and it has been fun to connect with everyone. My biggest challenge has been getting changed for sport. Overall, it has been a good start!”

J. Collins


“My favourite activity has been food tech, it has been a lot of fun to make the different recipes and work in groups. Connect has been my favourite subject so far, I have had time to get to know my classmates and the group work has been fun. My biggest challenge has been rainy days, only because I have been on crutches and I have to make sure I walk under cover everywhere!”

S. Bayly


“I have really enjoyed most of my classes, but Connect has allowed me to develop different friendships in the classroom. My favourite subject has to be Language and Literature, because I am allowed to do creating writing. My biggest challenge in school has been making new friends. My advice for starting high school is for everyone to be kind; for everyone is new and trying just as hard as you.”

A. Lombardi