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VCE Unit 3 & 4 Examination Preparation

Students studying VCE Unit 3&4 subjects are now making final preparations for their formal examinations in November. To assist in this process, students are provided with many opportunities for revision and examination practice. Commencing on Friday 21st September with English and EAL, and continuing in Week 1 of Term Four, practice examinations will be held. These practice examination sessions are compulsory; the timetable is attached to this newsletter. Students are to wear full school uniform when sitting their practice examinations on Monday 8th October. Practice examinations will also continue within class time for the remainder of subjects. Students will have the opportunity to put into practise their examination preparation under timed examination conditions. Teachers will then provide valuable feedback regarding areas for improvement in the final weeks leading up to the examinations.


The next two weeks provides an opportunity for students to dedicate a significant amount of time to consolidating their learning and completing practice papers. Miss Reiher has copies of study timetables that could be of benefit to structure each day during the ‘holidays’. Ideally, they should mimic a school day with set tasks and breaks to keep students focused. Revision Lectures are being offered over the holiday break and are highly recommended as a means of revising course content and refining examination techniques. Students should also carefully read the examination preparation advice in their Term Three Report for areas of particular focus and specific instructions in regard to revision work to be completed over the holiday break.


Rebekah Bonnett

Head of VCE Studies & Head of Science