News from the Office

There is still some lost property from the 3/4 camp last week. Please visit the lost property area behind the office and check if anything belongs to your child. 


There are many items of unnamed items including :

  • puffer jackets
  • a pillow
  • one black/blue right foot thong size 5
  • one bottle green right hand ski glove
  • one black long sleeve t-shirt size 10
  • one red bag strap
  • one apricot Zara t-shirt size 10
  • one Richmond footy scarf
  • one red beanie
  • one black beanie




More help appreciated for covering books!! Thank you to the book covering fairies who came in on a recent Friday (when I'm not here) to cover books.

We have had another delivery of books, if anyone is available to help out again. There are about 18 books this time. Thank you in anticipation...