Student of the Week

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Monday 26th April 2021 (Term 2)

Student NameGradeComments
Violet00ADemonstrating the value of teamwork by always treating her classmates with kindness. Great job Violet!
Alexander00BDemonstrating leadership qualities within small groups and the wider class. Well done, Alexander!
Vivian01ADemonstrating the value of teamwork during our craft lesson by assisting her peers to complete the task.  Congratulations Vivian!
William01BFor sharing his skills, knowledge and learning in Numeracy with his peers. Excellent work William. Keep up the amazing work
Stephen02AFor co-operating with his peers and sharing his ideas and opinions. Well done Stephen.
William02BFor always helping his peers in the classroom. Keep up the good work William!
Sherine03ADemonstrating the value of Teamwork by sharing her knowledge and supporting the members of her team. Congratulations Sherine!

For always working co-operatively with everyone in the classroom and making sure that her peers are included in all activities. Keep up the

great teamwork Sarah!


Demonstrating the value of Teamwork by collaboratively working with his partner in the Hive using the program Lego Education to begin

the construction of a glowing snail.

Karamvir04BBecoming a more respectful student, who has been interacting with his peers and teachers in a more positive manner. Keep up the great work Karamvir!

Demonstrating the value of teamwork. Zachary can always be relied upon to be a supportive team member. He is a considerate,

thoughtful student who values team members opinions and ensures that all have a say. I would like to have Zachary on my team!

Aaryan05AFor engaging in conversation within small group activities. Keep it up!

For working collaboratively alongside other members of Grade 5 during our STEM problem solving sessions.

The way you worked with your team ensured that your creation met all the necessary criteria! Well Done!

Karlo06AFor displaying positive Teamwork skills by encouraging his peers and supporting their efforts when working in a small group completing research on Natural Disasters.  Well done Karlo keep up the great efforts.

Demonstrating an enthusiastic attitude to teamwork and learning by consistently striving to achieve excellence and her

personal best in all areas of the curriculum.


Demonstrating a cooperative attitude towards her peers and teachers and contributing in a very positive and collaborative way

towards the learning environment. Well done!



Monday 3d May 2021 

Student NameGrade


Ellie00ADemonstrating the value of learning by always sharing her knowledge and learning during whole class discussions. Excellent job Ellie!! 
Emma00BConsistently demonstrating on-task behaviours and a keen interest in her learning. Well done, a Emma! 
Oreva01AFor approaching all learning tasks with positivity and enthusiasm. Congratulations Oreva!
Keerah01BFor giving every learning task a go last week and being an active participant during whole class discussions. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work
Emason02AFor attempting all set tasks, listening to feedback and making corrections to improve her learning. Keep up the great effort Emason.
Aarav02BFor always putting maximum effort in his work by listening to feedback to make improvements to his work. Keep it up Aarav!
Delio03AFor responding to the challenges of writing persuasive texts with great pride. Keep up the positive attitude to your learning Delio. Congratulations!
Levi 03B

For displaying a willingness to learn all of the new routines in the classroom and coping well with the changes that a new school brings. 

Welcome to Mackellar Levi! 

John04AHis focus and enthusiasm in all areas of his learning and his increased contribution to class discussions.
Dnilson04BShowing excellent learning in mathematics by using mental computation skills to calculate elapsed time to the second. Congratulations Dnilson!

Demonstrating the value of learning. Siddig has a natural curiosity about the world. He asks questions and considers responses, asking 

further questions to clarify his understanding. Conversations with Siddig are always interesting and, sometimes, challenging! Well done, 


Jennifer05AFor attempting every writing task with enthusiasm and positivity. Your imagination and commitment to your learning is wonderful. Keep it up! 

For using your knowledge of sizzling starts to begin your narratives in exciting and engaging ways. I love how you have been super creative 

with your writing - keep up the fantastic work Tyler! 


For her positive efforts in joining in class discussions and her ability to transfer and adapt what she has learnt from one context to another. 

She is simply delightful, well done, Feven.

Ramona06BFor consistently demonstrating an ability to self-manage her learning and strive for excellence through ongoing reflection, feedback, planning,  organisation and persistence.

For  being an engaged and interested learner. You are monitoring for meaning of complex words in  texts and practicing strategies to improve your reading comprehension. You have been a regular contributor to all class discussions, and taken pride in your work overall. Thus, 

you have exemplified the value of Learning so far this term. Well done Sienna.