Staff  Wellbeing 2021 

 Staff Wellbeing 

Teaching and Education Support staff at Mackellar P.S are continually learning from each other and from professional development, so that we remain current and deliver modern teaching and learning to every student.  As with a lot of workplaces we meet regularly during and after work and complete tasks to make certain student learning is the best possible for our students.


The Staff Wellbeing team are active in making available bite sized workshops using the FBG consulting firm who help people develop

strategies to thrive at work.


This topic was chosen given the global COVID context. Many of us have found ourselves working differently, dealing with the new look post-COVID school year and juggling responsibilities at home. The first workshop was, ‘How to avoid burnout after COVID-19’ by Leya Snider, an organisational psychologist.


In our meeting we discussed the signs and symptoms of burnout, and the ways in which the six areas of work-life can trigger and spread burnout symptoms (workload, control, reward, community, fairness, and values).


We discussed practical strategies for managing burnout so that we can continue to be our best self – both at work and at home.


Sally Wilson 

Staff Wellbeing Committee leader