Languages (Italian)

Languages (Italian)

Italian Language & Culture at Mackellar 

Primary School

Ciao! My name is Renata Cugliari and I am the Italian and Classroom Teacher at Mackellar Primary School. All the students from Prep to Year 6 learn Italian for one hour each week. The Languages Program is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum.

Our students have access to ‘Languagesonline’ and ‘Linguascope’ to support their learning of Italian. 



In prep, the emphasis is on listening and speaking. We have learnt to greet others and identify simple body parts in Italian. We also focussed on the story of Pinocchio which they thoroughly enjoyed. Students practised their Italian with activities such as singing, games and role plays.

In Term 2 the students commenced using the Book-creator app on their iPads to listen, revise and record their Italian learning.


Prep students listening to the story of Pinocchio


Year 1 and 2

The students in years one and two spent time in the ‘orto’ (vegetable garden) and enjoyed, picking, tasting, learning and identifying the vegetables in Italian. We also extended our vocabulary on greetings and talking about ourselves in Italian. We played many Italian games and learnt Italian songs. The students used their iPads to record their Italian learning and post their work through the Showbie app.


Year 1 students collecting and tasting the vegetables from the ‘orto’.


Year 3 and 4

The students in Year 3 and 4 have learnt how to date their work in Italian, greet according to the time of day and situation, introduce themselves and state how they are feeling. They also learnt to describe the weather. The students also applied their Italian learning and used the language in a creative and meaningful task through the ‘orto’ (vegetable garden). We also picked and cured olives from our fruit orchard.


Year 3 and 4 students picked olives from our fruit orchard and cured them


Year 5 and 6

The students in years five and six are extending their spoken and written Italian through the use of greeting vocabulary and phrases. The students have been busy learning about feminine and masculine nouns, and also agreement of adjectives. The students used their iPads to record their learning and then post through Showbie. The students play Italian games such as Kahoot, Quzizz and Tombola. In Term 1, the Year 5 students planted snow-pea seeds and learnt about the stages of growing a plant in the Italian language.


Year 5 students learning to extend their Italian.