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Today we held a short service at 11.00am for Remembrance Day.

The 11th hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month, each year, is the time when Australians take time to remember the men and women who fought and died in wars. 


It was originally called Armistice Day, the day when the first World War ended after four years of fighting. Close to 62,000 Australians, men and women lost their lives during the first world war.  


Together with the United Kingdom, the government of Australia decided to rename Armistice Day, Remembrance Day after the end of WW2. New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Australia all commemorate Remembrance Day.


Thanks to the Year 9 students: Sienna Cvetkoski, Bianca Mojaled and Cathy Tran, for leading the service, and to Mr Bernie Hickey for playing the trumpet.


The Year 12 VCAA exams have been underway for two weeks now. We wish all of the students best wishes, both for their exams and as their year draws to a close.


Year 11 exam and Year 10 exams commenced this week.

The compulsory Year 12 and Year 11 2023 Headstart Program commences next Friday, 18th November, and runs for two weeks.


This coming Thursday the Energy Breakthrough Teams and staff head off to Maryborough for the first time in three years. It is exciting to have it all back up and running. We wish them well for the competition, which includes riding non-stop for 24 hours over Saturday into Sunday.


Best wishes for the coming week


Loreto Cannon

AP: Engagement, Operations and Transition


Important Dates

Monday 14th November

Year 12 exams run until the 16th November

Year 10 & 11 Exams run till the 17th November

Year 7-9 Dancing Auditions- Lunchtime @ Tullow

VCAL Incursion Period 1-4- Short courses Australia


Tuesday 15th November

Acting & Vocal Auditions- After school @ Tullow

Year 10 & 11 Dance Auditions- Lunchtime @ Tullow


Wednesday 16th November

Striving for Excellence Parent Night


Thursday 17th November

HPV Camp leave today return on the 20th November

Year 10 & 11 Acting & Vocal Auditions- Afterschool @ Tullow

Year 8 Activity Day


Friday 18th November

Year 11 & 12 2023 Transition Commences

Diamond Girls Softball Gala Day

K Pop Dance - Dance Studio @ Lunchtime


Sunday 20th November

10 Year Reunion (class of 2012)


Monday 21st November

Year 11 & 12 2023 Transition runs from Monday to Thursdy 24th November

VCAL Incursion P1-4- Short courses Australia


Thursday 24th November

Audition callbacks- Afterschool @ Tullow

Year 7 &  8 Band Program Concert @ Tullow 5pm and 6pm

VCAL- Period 3-6 Incursion- Short courses Australia


Friday 25th November

Curriculum & Assessment Day