School News

Marni Naa Pudni

The end of another term is quickly approaching. It has been another huge term that has seen us manage through the unpredicted times due to COVID. To date we have had more relief teachers through the school than any other term on record. 


Our number one priority has always been ensuring our students are provided with the highest quality teaching and learning.  We are grateful for the community support and to our teachers who have stepped in when times got tough. 


We still marvel at our students' ability to adjust to the new norm in this ever changing school environment and their capacity to take on any challenge that confronts them. What a resilient group of young people we will be sending out into the world after the events of the past couple of years.


A huge shout out must go to our teachers and staff.  Managing the ever changing landscape of COVID-19 restrictions is no easy feat! We are incredibly proud and grateful to each and every staff member for their efforts this year.


Mid - Year Progress Reports 

It is coming to the end of the First Semester and Mid Year Progress Reports will be distributed to families  through your  Sentral - Parent Portal to view and print from 3:30pm Monday 4th July. 


To be able to access your child/ren's report you will need your Parent Portal login. If you don't have access to the Sentral Parent Portal please follow the instructions below. 

If you have any question please contact Vanessa on 84435544 


Reports to families describe the student’s achievement of the learning outcomes expected for the reporting period, what they are doing well and what their next steps are for growth.


When discussing your child’s report, the indicator of Effort and Approaches to Learning should be considered along with the Achievement. We believe it is important that parents give weight to the Approaches to Learning and Effort, as they heavily contribute to your child's progress throughout the semester and year. 


It is also a great opportunity to talk with your child about their Student Comment. These comments are where students have the opportunity to reflect on goals they have set throughout the first two terms and progress they have made.


Mirjana and I have had the pleasure of reading a number of Student Comments and it is inspiring to read about the goals they have achieved and the next steps they are planning. This reflection links back to Learner Goal Setting Meetings and the vital role they play in supporting student growth.


Once Reports have been distributed if you have any questions please contact your child/rens classroom teacher. 


2023 Enrolments

Registrations of Interest for enrolling your child in 2023 are now being accepted.


Please contact us regarding Registration of Interest forms or download one from our website.


Please phone Tarah on 84435544 for further information.


Staffing Update Term 2 

Amy Loprete (F11) will be taking leave in week 9 and 10. We have Aleksia Stancevic (Miss S) teaching F11 for the remainder of the term. 


We would also like to announce that we have been able to retain two upper primary contract teachers as permanent teachers at LNPS. Congratulations to Jaymee Martin and Anton Starr who have been appointed as permanent teachers beginning in 2023.




Tyson and Mirjana