Mr Irwin's Message

Mr Irwin's Message

Hello Families and welcome to this week’s newsletter


Student Learning Conferences

This Friday we have Student Learning Conferences. Each family will have fifteen minutes with their child’s teacher to share some learning artefacts from the year so far. Students are currently working on the routine of this conference in class so they are prepared to share their learning with you. 


I have attached each year levels conference routine to this message. This is designed to give families an idea of the types of work students will share and the structure of the 15 minute conference.


A reminder to families this is Student Led Conference and the time is dedicated for students to share their learning progress with you. There won’t be time for discussing other items in this time so to contact your child’s teacher for a separate conversation if there is any further issues you need to chat about. 


Attendance on the day is marked and Booking remains open on Sentral if you haven’t booked in a time yet. If you cannot attend on Friday contact your child’s teacher to schedule another time. 

Review Survey

Our school review survey remains open until next week. We are excited to capture contribution from families about the highlights and opportunities they see we have as a school. This survey will remain open until Friday afternoon.

Parent Information Evening

Tonight Ms Barnett, Mr Lindsay and myself are welcoming prospective families to an enrolment information evening session. This is not only for new families but also families who already have children here who’d like a refresher in what transition to school looks like. Look forward to seeing new and old faces there tonight!


Bye for now. 

Face Masks at School

The State Government has announced some changes to public health measures including the recommendation that masks are worn indoors by persons over 8 years old when at school. 


Rules regarding household contacts and testing have also changed. The period of time when someone is considered a recently confirmed case and therefore exempt from testing and isolation requirements has been reduced from the previous 12 weeks to 4 weeks. 


Please refer to our COVID Information page for further details.

Healthy Lunch Box Choices and Nude Food

Please help reduce waste in our school by packing 'Nude Food' (food without excess packaging) in your child's lunch box. The Healthy Lunch Box Pick & Mix posters below provide some good Nude Food options.