Legal Studies

Ella Price

Year 11 Year Level Leader


On Friday 29th July, the Year 12 Legal Studies classes went on an excursion to Government House, Victorian Parliament and the Old Melbourne Gaol.  Students are currently learning about the role of parliament and the courts in law-making, leading into an investigation on law reform.  The excursion provided the Year 12s the opportunity to hear in-depth about the role of the Governor in Victoria and how they work with the upper and lower houses of the Victorian Parliament.  At parliament, students were excited to sit in different members of parliament seats while proposing ideas for laws in Victoria.


After lunch, it was time for a role play at the first Melbourne Magistrates Court in the Old Melbourne Gaol.  There were some Academy Award performances in a dramatic representation based on two teenage drivers in a drag race that ended tragically (culpable driving).  Students were able to link their knowledge from Unit 3 on the criminal justice system to the sentencing approach outlined for the offender.


Congratulations to all students who were engaged and very respectful of their guides and places we visited.  They represented themselves and AHS well.  Given this is the first excursion that many students would have had in the last two years, it was great to see the students having fun while learning.