French Binational

The French Team

AFTV & Francophonie Forum Video Competition Results

In Term 2, our Year 7 French Binational and our Year 8 French partial immersion students were offered the great opportunity to take part in state-wide competitions organised by the Association of French Teachers in Victoria. Year 7 students could submit a video clip in which they had to embody and tell the life of a key figure of the French Revolution.  Year 8 students had to work in teams to make a video presenting a French-speaking country:  le Gabon.


We are very thrilled to announce that Auburn High School students claimed the first prizes in each competition on the stage of the Bastille Day festival on Federation Square’s atrium! Aiko D, 7F, (bilingual category), won the premier prix for her video about Olympe de Gouge and confidently delivered an inspiring speech about women’s rights.  Sam K, Zach N, Thiyan F and Arno G claimed first place for their video about the Gabon. Congratulations to them!

Berthe Mouchette Competition

Mid-term 2, our Year 7 to 10 students took part in the Berthe Mouchette Competition, a state-wide poetry competition.  We are very proud to announce that 23 students received a perfect score of 20/20 and will therefore compete in the finals!

Congratulations to these students for their amazing effort:

Joshua C

Zackary H

Kecin J

Saumya M

Aadhav M K

Ines R

Sky T

Alice W

Frances D

Hannah L

Elsa O

Claudia W

Sophia A

Amelie C

Kayla D

Alice F

Kirsten L

Reza S

Amelia T

Leon T

Evan H

Adea R