Samantha Francis

Leading Teacher:  Assessment, Feedback & Data-Driven Practice

My Learning Growth - Inaugural Trial

In Week 3 we were excited to launch the inaugural trial of My Learning Growth with our Year 10 cohort. My Learning Growth is a new tool developed to support AHS students to understand their holistic learning progress, and set targeted, specific goals for improvement. 


We hope this will be particularly useful for Year 10 students as they spend the coming months preparing for their chosen Year 11 program.  A deeper overview of the rationale behind the tool and how it works is viewable in the presentation shared with students, accessible here.


Each student received their own personal My Learning Growth template via email, and worked through the activities to identify trends in their data and select specific goals for Term 3.  Students were encouraged to discuss their reflections and goals with both their teachers and their family, so that they can be supported to achieve these crucial next steps.


The Year 10 cohort will check in with their goals periodically throughout Term 3, and will revisit the activity in early Term 4 to measure their success.  Their valuable feedback will then drive further enhancements before rollout across additional year levels in 2023.