Pupils of the Week

The following students will be presented with their certificates at the following assemblies:

Friday 13th September

Fleur M (PA) - For demonstrating outstanding Attentive Listening in class.  Fleur sets a terrific example for others and we are so lucky to have her in Prep A.  Well done, Fleur!

Hannah D (P1B) – For being such a friendly and happy new class member of Prep/1 B. We are so lucky to have you join our class and love how you are always Listening Attentively, trying your best and finding little jobs to be helpful.

Sullivan B (1C) - For being an enthusiastic and positive member of our class.  You always share wonderful ideas and make your classmates smile.

Nick R (23B) - For being a wonderful role model by caring for others and encouraging your peers to make good choices.  It is a delight to have you in our class.  Thank you for all the positiveness and respectful behaviour you do.  Keep it up!

Sophie B (23A) - For challenging herself in all areas of the curriculum and always striving to achieve her Personal  Best.  Great work!

Denneil J (23B) - For always striving for her Personal Best.  You are willing to receive feedback and work hard in any task.  Keep up the positive attitude, Denneil.

Kendra P (45A) - For working so hard on fraction and decimal activities and sharing her understandings with her classmates.  Kendra has learnt a lot during this unit of work, as shown in her post test results.  What a wonderful effort, Kendra!

Lachlan B (45B) – For making an extra effort to do Maths Online last week for homework and over the weekend. Well done Lachlan.  I was very impressed!

Mia G (45C) – For doing her Personal Best on her Inquiry project. Mia worked efficiently during all lessons to make sure she found relevant information about the Boab Tree. When she had finished, she found and created visuals to help enhance her audiences understanding. Fantastic effort, Mia!

Friday 20th September

Lexie C (PA) - For trying her Personal Best in all areas.  Lexie is working so hard and we are very proud of her.  Keep up the AMAZING effort, Lexie!

Anais B (P1B) – For your resilience and ability to bounce back. Anais has shown great resilience and personal strength to make positive choices and listen to her teachers and friends.  Well done.

Sam N (1C) - For using excellent manners in our classroom.  It has been wonderful having you as a role model.

Abby H (23A) - For being a great role model for her peers and offering to help others in the classroom.  Well done!

Brandan V (23B) - For doing your Personal Best when writing "The Savage Wolf".  You included great details and took on feedback really well.  You have great ideas and I cannot wait to see how you use these in your writing in the future!

Ewan B (45A) - For looking after 'Chirpy' and his chicken mates on the weekend and being so enthusiastic and engaged in class activities.  Ewan has taken the chicken up to the pen and measured 'Chirpy's' growth.

Lexi R (45B) – For all the mini picture story-books you keep writing. I think we may have a J.K Rowling in the making!!! Keep it up, Lexi.

Charlotte W (45C) – For having a wonderful attitude towards her work. Charlotte constantly strives to do her Personal Best, eagerly completes all set tasks and takes on challenges with determination. Keep up the great work!