Students in Year 7 German classes worked well throughout this lockdown period and have continued to learn new words. Although the lockdown brings challenges for all of us, it allowed us to bring our pets to class this week. Students started learning the new words for pets, telling their names and describing them. So we all enjoyed seeing and introducing our pets during a Google Meet lesson. We had a wide selection of dogs, cats, fish, and even a pet snake.


Well done Year 7s and thank you for an enjoyable lesson sharing your additional family members!


We are looking forward to having you back at school soon! 


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages


The Year 9 French classes are currently researching a French-speaking city, country or region. Here are two group's summaries of their findings in English and in French.


Kellie Dickson

French Teacher


Our group chose to research the French speaking region of New Orleans in Louisiana. The topics we found the most interesting were music and food. In New Orleans, music and food is very different to what it's like in Australia. We found out that New Orleans is the origin of jazz which is a very popular type of music all around the world. In New Orleans, Jazz is by far the most popular music but in Australia, we listen to a variety of music from different places. New Orleans is known for its music but Australia is not. 


Our group also found out that food is a big part of the culture of New Orleans. Gumbo is the national dish of Louisiana but New Orleans is best known for its Beignets. Beignets are a traditional donut topped with powdered sugar. They are never filled and are square shaped. They are very different from Australian donuts.


Overall, we learnt that New Orleans is the birthplace of many popular things that we enjoy in Australia.


Notre groupe a recherché la région francophone de la Nouvelle Orléans. Nous avons recherché la musique et la cuisine. La musique et la cuisine à la Nouvelle-Orléans sont très différentes de celles de l'Australie. La nouvelle Orléans est l'origine du jazz. A la Nouvelle Orléans, le jazz est  beaucoup écouté! 


Nous avons trouvé que la cuisine est une grande partie de la culture de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Le gombo est le plat officiel de la Louisiane mais la Nouvelle Orléans est célèbre pour ses beignets. Ce sont des beignets de forme carrée, et sont garnis de sucre. 


En général, nous avons trouvé que la Nouvelle-Orléans est l'origine des choses que nous avons en Australie. 


Sienna Morgan et Bella De Souza

Year 9 Students


This term our group chose to research the region of Quebec, and its festivals. We knew a little about Quebec, but we learnt a lot. Quebec, is one of the biggest provinces in the East of Canada, the capital city is Quebec. Quebec was named for the first time in 1608, attracts visitors to the St. Lawrence River and its many festivals and celebrations. The Quebec region is well known for its festivals of world renown, and the large number of people that they attract each year.


Our group researched three Quebec festivals. The Carnaval de Quebec, The Juste Pour Rire, and the Remerciements dans le Quebec. The Carnaval de Quebec is a winter festival and it was launched in 1894. It takes place from the 4th to 13th of February. They celebrate winter because the temperature is very cold and they celebrate to warm their hearts. The Juste Pour Rire, is a comedy festival in Quebec, normally held in July. The Remerciements dans la Quebec, a turkey tradition in October for the English Canadians and French Canadians.


We chose festivals because they are very interesting and we didn’t know any of the Quebec traditions, and the best way to learn about a country is to learn about the festivals and traditions.  


Ce trimestre, notre groupe a choisi de rechercher la région de Québec et ses fêtes. On en connaissait un peu à Québec, mais nous avons beaucoup appris. Le Québec, l’une des plus grandes provinces de l’Est du Canada, la capitale de la ville est Québec. Le Québec, nommé pour la première fois en 1608, attire les visiteurs sur son fleuve Saint-Laurent et ses nombreux festivals et célébrations. La région du Québec est bien connue pour ses festivals de renommée mondiale et le grand nombre de personnes qu’elle attire chaque année.


Notre groupe a recherché trois fêtes au Québec. Le Carnaval de Québec, le juste pour rire, et les remerciements au Québec. Le Carnaval de Québec est une fête hivernale, il a été lancé en 1894 Il se tient du 4 au 13 février. Ils célèbrent l'hiver parce que le temps est très froid et ils célèbrent en réchauffant leurs cœurs. Le Juste pour Rire est une fête comédie en Québec, normalement, en juillet. Et les remerciements au Québec, une tradition turque d'octobre pour le Canada anglophone et Canada francophone. 


Nous avons choisi les fêtes  parce qu'elles sont très intéressantes  et nous ne connaissions pas les traditions du Québec, et la meilleure façon d’en apprendre davantage sur un pays est d' apprendre les fêtes et traditions.


Isabelle Groom, Jessie Cheon et Alex Kuehn

Year 9 Students


Each year the Year 9 students of German research in pairs an aspect of the cultures, traditions, public life or history of the German-speaking countries. Spoken presentations during class-time followed by student-planned activities that complement the content of the presentation allow the students to share their findings with classmates. Preparation of some of these aspects has been a bit restricted by remote-learning, but we are looking forward to the spoken presentations. Students have considerable freedom in choice of topic and this year the topics range from Christmas celebrations in the German-speaking countries to the German car industry.


Here is an example of students’ research.


David Nutting

German Teacher


Die Bundesliga


Wir haben die ‘Bundesliga’ als unsere Thema gewählt. Wir wollten wissen wie erfolgreich die Bundesliga ist und wie die Bundesliga Fußball in anderen Ländern beeinflusst.


Ein kulturelles Phänomen


Die deutsche Bundesliga ist ein kulturelles Phänomen in Deutschland. Es ist sehr wichtig für die Kultur und ist oft im Gespräch. Fußball hat sehr viele Fans in Deutschland. Lokaler Fußball ist sehr populär genau wie internationaler Fußball. 


Ein wichtiger Wirtschaftsfaktor


Fußball ist ein wichtiger Wirtschaftsfaktor. Bayern München hat große Sponsoren wie T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Red bull und Mercedes-Benz. Der Verein kann sehr teuer Spieler kaufen. Bayern München hat die meisten Meisterschaften. Bayern ist 2021 deutscher Meister.


Borussia Dortmund hat auch viel Geld und hat auch internationaler Fans. Unser Eindruck ist, Borussia Dortmund kauft und entwickelt junge Spieler. 


Internationaler Erfolg


Bayern München hat die 2020 Champions League gewonnen. Bayern München hat sechsmal die Champions League gewonnen. Deutschland war viermal Weltmeister.


Wir haben gelernt, dass man die Bundesliga im Fernsehen in vielen Ländern sehen kann. Spieler wie Robert Lewandowski sind Vorbilder für viele junge Spieler in anderen Ländern. Viele Spieler in das Australien-Nationalmannschaft spielen in andere Ländern aber die meisten Spieler in Deutschlands Nationalmannschaft spielen für deutsche Vereine. 


Spitzname für die Nationalmannschaft


Wir haben gelernt, dass die Nationalmannschaft einen Spitznamen hat. Deutsche nennen sie   einfach“die Mannschaft”. Die Mannschaft ist sehr wichtig für deutsche Fußballfans.


The Bundesliga


We chose the ‘Bundesliga’ as our topic. We wanted to know how successful the Bundesliga is and how the league influences football in other countries.


A cultural phenomenon


The German Bundesliga is a cultural phenomenon in Germany. It is important in their culture and is often talked about. Football has very many fans in Germany. Local football is very popular just like international football. 


An important economic factor


Football is an important economic factor. Bayern München has big sponsors like T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Red bull and Mercedes-Benz. The club can buy very expensive players. Bayern München has the most championships in the league. Bayern is the 2021 German champion.


Borussia Dortmund has also got lots of money and has also got international fans. Our impression is that Borussia Dortmund buys and develops young players. 


International success


Bayern München won the 2020 Champions League title. Bayern München has won the Champions League six times. Germany has been World Cup winner four times.


We learned that you can watch the Bundesliga on TV in many countries. Players like Robert Lewandowski are role models for many young players in other countries. Many players in the Australian national team play in other countries but most players in Germany’s national team play for German clubs. 


Nickname for the national team


We learned that the national team has a nickname. Germans call it simply “die Mannschaft”. The team is very important for German football fans.


Sarvine R Jaya Raj and Jack Campbell

Year 9 Students



Goethe Institut continues to offer interesting online stories and online talks:




For the Goethe-Institut's global Time To Listen video series, Melbourne-based author and human rights activist Arnold Zable tells the story of Farhad, an artist who fled from Kurdistan to Australia seven years ago. Zable recently won the Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature, which acknowledges the achievements of eminent literary writers who have made an outstanding contribution to Australian literature.




Conversation 4: Connections - activating networks, building a movement


In this Conversation we want to explore the opportunities for building up a community of educators, practitioners, and supporters to sustain the New Bauhaus as a regional movement to contribute to the European Green Deal. Partners: HCU hosts this session with contributions from associations and networks from the domains of Smart & Digital Cities, Sustainable Urban and Regional Development and Culture & Arts.


Tuesday, 15th of June 2021, 10:30-12:30 CEST


To find out more about this event and to register please click here.


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages