We know that social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, however we need to be careful with what we share and who we share our information with. So much information can be gathered about someone through social media. Applications such as Instagram and TikTok are a big part of many teens’ lives. That is why in Year 7 ICT, students have been completing the Information Schools Cyber Security Challenge on Grok. 


In this Challenge, students play the role of a cyber security expert. They will need to find information about others online by reading posts and studying photos in fictional applications called Fistbump and Flashtag. The challenge explores information security and personal security through a series of modules. Students learn how to protect themselves from hackers and are even presented opportunities to do a little bit of hacking on their own!


Mr Chan

ICT Teacher



Recently in ICT we have been using this website Grok Learning. In Grok Learning we learn about cyber security and how we give heaps of information away on our posts even though we don’t mean to. 


One of the topics that they covered in Grok is passwords. Something that they said is that when we have an extremely simple password for a game or something like that, that could be leaked. If you used the same password for your bank account then the hacker would be able to access your account. 


Grok Learning is extremely good because it talks about cyber security and it gives you many fun challenges along the way.


Vibhan Jivanjee (Year 7)


Grok is an amazing site that teaches kids how to stay safe on the internet and also that your information can be easily accessed on site so you must be careful on what you comment and what you share with others. One of the activities is where you have to try and find someone's address, which they have probably accidentally given away. Using Control F lets you look up keywords and show you where to find them which is really useful but also makes it easier for predators.


Eden Dale (Year 7)


This term, in ICT, the Year 7s have been completing an online course of Grok Education. Some activities we have completed in this unit are fun courses, learning about social media. In this course, we have learned about the information people can get about you from just simple things that you post, we've learnt about passwords, the consequences of having weak ones, we have learnt how to create strong passwords and other tips to keep our information safe. We have learnt all these things about social media in a fun, creative and exciting way, having fun while learning all these things. 


Khushi Agarwal (Year 7)