McKinnon is expanding its alumni program to build and mobilise the school’s alumni community, with the help of Ourschool.


Ourschool is a not-for profit service that helps public high schools build a thriving alumni network to benefit current students and the school community.


On Tuesday 1 June during remote learning our VCE Legal Studies students had the opportunity to attend a webinar and hear from four public school alumni who are working in the law, including McKinnon Secondary College Class of 1995 barrister Zoran Petric. 


Thank you to Melanie Lynch for facilitating this session for our students, it was a fascinating insight into establishing a career in the legal profession and the different pathways students can pursue to get there. 


Angela Masterson

VCE Legal Studies teacher

Head of Humanities 


The Insights Series focusing on pathways and careers in legal professions was extremely insightful and well presented. The lawyers and barristers (especially Zoran from McKinnon Secondary) were evidently passionate about not only his part in the law, but also in assisting students with their questions and helping us in any way they could. Even though we were in lockdown, it was run extremely well and it was time well spent in my opinion! 


Additionally having an open chat where students could ask questions both anonymously and as named individuals allowed for a safe environment and encouraged students to ask their burning questions. Overall, a great experience for those of us heading towards a career in law, (just like Elle Woods!)


Ethan Stubbs (Year 11)




The Insights Series enlightened me on the different pathways to a legal career, and the different types of law that exist. Samuel Formica, a Family Lawyer at Cahill & Rowe stated that his journey towards a career in the law was quite unorthodox compared to the traditional pathway to a law profession. Whilst he did not get the ATAR he wanted, he persevered and maintained his determination to achieve a law degree. This approach made him considerably attractive to legal firms, ultimately highlighting the alternative pathways one can take if they don’t get the ATAR they wanted. The Series also taught me about the differences between a Barrister and a Solicitor, being that a Barrister tends to practice litigation whilst a solicitor usually performs the majority of the legal work in an office setting or law firm. 


Another fact I learnt about was paralegals. This refers to one who is not a lawyer yet but provides assistance to lawyers. This can open the doors to people who wish to work in a law firm. 


Archie Redman (Year 11)