We could not boo-lieve how many spook-tacular artworks were submitted into last month's McKinnon Arts Competition. Who would have thought that students would respond so eagerly to the theme of ghosts? 


We had so many entries that we had to make some changes to the winner’s category to cater to the large volume of submissions. We will now have four Art Award winners per competition from now on! There will be a Junior, Middle and Senior school award, as well as a ‘Best Composition’ award. 


The winners of the Ghost competition are: 

Junior school winner: TJ, (Year 7)
Middle school winner: Areia Snell, (Year 9)
Senior school winner: Persephone Gardiner, (Year 11)
Best composition winner: Liam Ayres, (Year 12)


All entries from the Ghost competition will be haunting T-block and Instagram soon!


The next competition theme has already been announced on Compass and Instagram.


For those who did not see, the current Art competition theme is ‘threatened Australian species’. 


We want you to create artwork with a message! 


You could create artworks inspired by a threatened species, or a sculpture depicting an animal. If you are a graphic designer you could even create a poster or infographic that raises social awareness and informs us about a threatened species.


For information on threatened Australian species, search Australian animals on these two websites: IUCN Red List or World Wildlife Foundation


Peter Eglezos

Art Teacher