From the Principal cont... 

Linda Jones


A reminder to families that School Contribution payments are now due. Thank you to those families who have already settled this with Pip, Annie or Molly. If you are unclear about any of these payments then please call in or phone the office for further details.



As our new school year commences, I ask you all to take the time to travel to and from school safely and respectfully giving consideration to others. Respect is our overarching school rule and yet when it comes to behaviours of parents at pick up and drop off time some adults and our children need a gentle reminder.

The most problematic issues are quite regularly bought to our attention are :-

  • Parking illegally at pick up and drop off times
  • Parking in our neighbours’ driveways and over crossovers.
  • Dangerous U turns particularly in Truganini Road putting others at significant risk
  • Students and adults crossing the  road  dangerously in peak traffic times in preference to walking  to our supervised crossings
  • Children riding too fast or without consideration for others on footpaths
  • Children riding their bikes across the school crossing, rather than dismounting and walking their bikes across the intersection.


I continue to encourage families with concerns to report these to the Glen Eira Council. Council Traffic Safety Officers will continue to patrol our school and may use photographic evidence for enforcement purposes.  Being courteous and considerate to others and acting as a positive example for our students is so important.



No matter how positive and happy you usually are, there will be days when you feel a little downcast. These five minute pick me ups might help lighten your mood when necessary :-

  • Listen to music that moves your soul. Create a go to playlist of much loved songs.
  • Write a gratitude list. Your day might not have started well but focus on what you’re thankful for. Look for the positives, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem at first.
  • Talk to a friend. A few minutes chat with a cheerful friend can put your day back on track.
  • Take a tea break. Some believe that a cup of tea solves everything. Use tea making and tea sipping to remember a happy time and bring those feel good memories to you.
  • Laugh. There is nothing like a dose of laughter to release tension and put everything into a rosier perspective. Watch a comical video and enjoy a belly laugh.




Linda Jones & Karen Bentata-Grimm