From the Principal 

Linda Jones

Thank you to our teachers and to you, our community for working with us as things changed so rapidly last Friday afternoon and we were sent into the current five day lockdown. We will continue to monitor the situation and send updates via Compass as soon as we have any pertinent information.



It is lovely to hear that so many parents have booked in to attend our ‘You Tell Us’ sessions occurring this week. Due to the current lockdown, these meetings will now be 10 minute phone calls rather than an opportunity for you as parents and carers to visit your child’s classroom. As soon as we are able to invite you into our classrooms we will do so. This is an opportunity for you to share valuable information and this home school partnership ensures the very best outcomes for your child. All parents should have now received a 2021 Information booklet via Compass outlining specific details pertaining to your child’s class. If for some reason you haven’t received this information please make contact with your child’s teacher.

Below are some simple suggestions that will support your child/children and ensure a great start to the year together:-

  1. Know what you child’s teacher is trying to achieve
  2. Keep your expectations reasonable and positive
  3. Support your teacher’s expectations and activities at home
  4. Send your child/children to school ready to learn and on time each day
  5. Inform the school of any challenges and/or changes
  6. Skill children to work with others
  7. Respectfully seek joint solutions to problems and difficulties
  8. Participate where you can in class and school activities
  9. Trust your teacher’s knowledge, professionalism and experience
  10. Talk up what happens at school



Our House Swimming Carnival has been postponed as it was due to be held yesterday. With our local Carnegie Pool closed, Mr Pollard and Mr O’Brien spent a great deal of time researching and finding a pool that could accommodate our year 3 – 6 students, then organising this much anticipated event. We are currently looking at various options in the hope we can run our carnival at some stage this year.

We are waiting for further directions from the Department of Education and clarification from SSV (School Sport Victoria) regarding District and Regional events that were due to be held this term.


I would like to convey the community’s gratitude to Sandra Michela. Karen Phillips, Kanika Chauhan, Verity Walker and Jane Potter (PFA rep) who have finished serving their current term on School Council.  These retiring councillors, along with all parents, are invited to put themselves forward for our 2021 School Council.

School Council is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of our school, overseeing school policies, finances and other aspects of school administration. It is made up of parents and teachers meeting once a month in the evenings either face to face at school or via video conference.

Further information in relation to School Council is attached at the end of this newsletter. Nomination forms are available at the office. If you have further question please call at the office to see Mrs Bentata-Grimm or myself.