Alfred PARTY Program

On Tuesday 24th of July, Year 11 VCAL students visited Eastbank to participate in The Alfred PARTY Program. The PARTY Program stands for Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth.

P.A.R.T.Y. is an initiative of the National Trauma Research Institute that was developed and licenced in Canada 30 years ago and has been running at The Alfred since 2009. This is the second time that PARTY has been run at Eastbank here in Shepparton, with all local schools participating in the important learnings of the day.

The Alfred Hospital worked together with GV Health, Police, Ambulance and victims of trauma to provide students with knowledge of the potential risks that can occur. Students rotated between different learning experiences which highlighted the consequences of choices and the effect of trauma on individuals.

The rotations consisted of:

  • Emergency Room nurse discussion on the effect of trauma and the types of patients and trauma that present to the Alfred Emergency Department
  • A mock Emergency ward, where students were able to see what happens to patients when they are brought into the emergency department. Students played the role of Doctors and Nurses and saw what care needed to be provided to patients
  • A mock Intensive Care Unit, where students were able to see what was required to maintain a patients life in an intensive care ward.
  • Ambulance Victoria staff where able to talk of their experiences and show the students the ‘Chain of Survival’, so as they may have some knowledge of what to do in an emergency or first aid situation.
  • A survivor of road trauma told the story of a small mistake that had a massive consequence for him when he crashed into a truack on the way to work.
  • Students were shown by Trauma Ward Nurses the types of equipment and what it is used for in a Trauma ward. Nurses decribed the different types of patients and injuries they may care for.
  • A Physiotherapist from The Alfred worked with the students to show them what it is like to try to get back to an individuals normal functioning and the different aids that people might need to utilise to get back to normal functioning.

The feedback was very positive from all students, while the emphasis from staff and not missed by the students was on how the impact of choices can have major consequences.

Ambulance Membership

Emergency ambulance services are NOT free and not covered by Medicare. Did you know that the average cost of an emergency transport is more than $1100?  Become an Ambulance Victoria member and be protected against the cost of transport and treatment by paramedics.

Is it worth the risk when the cost of membership is less than 25 cents a day? 

In the event that your child becomes sick or injured at school and needs medical attention the school is required to call an ambulance therefore we would encourage families to take out  a yearly Ambulance subscription.

Mental Health Support


Head Lice


Doctors In Schools

Dear Parents/Guardians

As you may be aware, our school was successful in being selected to participate in the Victorian Government’s Doctors in Secondary Schools program.

As part of this program, an adolescent-trained GP from Kialla Medical Clinic will be operating at school every Wednesday fortnight (commencing 1st August) to provide free access to primary health care for secondary students at our school.

More information on consent, confidentiality and medical treatment by a GP is included in the information sheet, which is on the Doctors in Secondary Schools webpage at: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/health/Pages/doctors-secondary-schools.aspxt.   

If you have any concerns or questions about the Doctors in Secondary School program, you can discuss them with Gabby McKindley or any member of the McGuire College Wellbeing Team; Stacie Lundberg, Sam Owen and Mark Metcalf.