Physical Education

Junior Sports Day

St. Mark's Junior Athletics Carnival 2020

On Friday, we were very fortunate to have comfortable weather to conduct our Junior Athletics Carnival. A lack of wind, a bit of sun, no rain, and heaps of enthusiasm made for a great day. My prayers were certainly answered considering the week of weather that we’d had!


It was great to see so many students get into the spirit of the sports and their overall enthusiasm made all the hard work and organisation worthwhile. An event like this does take a great deal of organisation and assistance, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fantastic Captains of the school who have been a wonderful support to me during the lead up to the carnival and who were also wonderful helpers on the day. These people helped the day run so smoothly.  


The next group of people I would like to thank are the staff who helped out on the day. Particularly assisting during the carnival to help it run so efficiently, so thanks to all those who were able to assist on the day!  


The winners of the St Marks Perpetual Athletics trophy is still to be decided, however the table below shows the current scores:


As we can see on this table, the scores through the different events were very close, however surprisingly Kolbe is the comfortable leader, particularly as a result of the sprint events, never having won the athletics trophy before. Who knows what the final result will be after the 3-6 children compete next week. Let’s see if the teams can challenge who are currently behind in the scores. Good luck children!


The trophy awarded for House Spirit is currently being led by Brigid House for their continual good sportsmanship towards others, their chanting and singing. They are winning this award just ahead of Kolbe, Francis and Clare.  These are the amazing parts on sports day that really make me smile, when children look out for each other. Well done to those many children who showed great leadership through sportsmanship at the athletics carnival! Points for the Spirit Award were also awarded during the remote learning period for Year 3-4 & 5-6 children, for their work efforts for Creativity Day!


Enjoy keeping active always children!

Vin Snell