Student of the Week Awards 2 - 27/11/2020

"Leave a Trail"

Foundation B - Brayden K for being a great helper in class and always willing to assist others.


Foundation L - Joshua L for being such a good sport on our Athletics Day


Foundation M - Natalia A for working hard to learn her M100 words!


1/2 D - Autumn M for demonstrating courage whilst presenting her work to the class. 


1/2 E - Tyler T for asking questions to find out more information on topics he is interested in.


1/2 F -  Rosaline L for concentrating well during her maths activities. Great effort!


1/2 MU - Luca Di C for setting an excellent example for his peers by being a good sport during Junior Athletics. Well done Luca, you should be proud!


1/2 P - Havana B for her imput and leadership in a group maths activity . 


1/2 XR  - Olivia T for following instructions to produce work of an excellent standard and inspiring others to do the same.


3/4 C - Quinn S for being a responsible member of our class and taking pride in completing his compost captain duties. Keep it up!


3/4 D - Lenny D for showing initiative in his work, especially art, by including his new learning in his portrait piece. Thank you for sharing with the class Lenny!


3/4 HD - Tammara F for consistently setting an example for the rest of the class by putting in her best efforts to all tasks and seeking feedback to improve her work! Keep it up Tammara!


3/4 KC - Anasztazia  B for using a respectful and friendly manner when communicating, and collaborating with others.


3/4 NH - Sofia W for her tremendous effort in completing all her work and for assisting other students with her knowledge and skills.


5/6 DM - Mia D for Demonstrating her leadership skills by quietly helping those that need it. 


5/6 H - Vinny B for demonstrating the importance of completing work on time, and working to the best of your ability. Well done on being a fabulous role model to your peers.


5/6 P - Kaitlyn M For always striving to improve her work by seeking and acting upon feedback.


5/6 S -  William O for being a conscientious student who  always strives to do his best. Helping us build a positive and happy atmosphere in 56S :) 


5/6 T - Tristan R for the legacy of laughter that he is creating. Thank you for bringing joy to our class throughout this challenging and isolating year.