Principal's Report

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to come together to celebrate.

Dear Families

This week classes celebrated NAIDOC week and Kerry Dermietzel (Yr 5/6 teacher) who taught in a remote Aboriginal community last year brought along many artefacts for classes to view. She also spoke about her experiences and the life of the communities she lived in.

We are all enjoying the consistent warmer weather and it is good to see more children riding and walking to school. Over the last 4 weeks of the term we are endeavouring to fit in activities that have been missed earlier in the year as well as activities that are done at this time of the year but need to be modified.


Last Friday F - 2 enjoyed their house sports and Years 3 - 6 will complete their events on Friday 27th November. 


The incoming Foundation students for 2021 will have a modified small group transition program over the 20th and 27th November.


The Year 6 students will attend camp at Coonawarra Resort for a week from the 30th November, Bike Education on the 25th November and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at two school based liturgies on December 9th. 


The Year 5 students are currently participating in their leadership program in preparation for leadership positions in 2021. They will participate in their Bike Education on December 10th.


Unfortunately the Family Carols evening and the thank you morning tea will not go ahead due to restrictions and having such a large group in attendance.

Classes for 2021

This year has been one of inconsistency particularly for younger children maintaining  connections with their peers and teachers. Staff have been looking at ways to overcome this and as a result the Foundation students will be in the same classes with their current teacher for 2021. The Year 1 students will stay in their class groups and combine with another Year 1 class so that there will be three Year 2 classes. 

Term 4 Finish

Students will finish on Tuesday 14th December at 1pm and teachers will be continuing with professional learning on a system that records communication, assessments and programs used for intervention across the school in readiness for 2021.  


Students will resume school in 2021 on Monday 1st February. The previous week staff will participating in professional development in Mathematical problem solving and reasoning that had to be postponed due to COVID - 19 this year.