Principal's News

Mandy O'Mara

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members


This weekend was a good news weekend for all Victorians. I hope you are as proud as I am to be a Victorian. We have much to celebrate due to the sacrifices we have made over the past few months. We can now all look forward to what will be a more normal summer.


This week is week 8 of term 4 … in four short weeks we will be heading off on our summer/Christmas break. We have a few things to achieve before then; Year 6 End of Primary School Celebration, Year 9 Graduation, Prep transition, step up day for all students and Sub school end of year celebrations, to name a few. 


If you haven’t checked your Compass post about School Charges and book list, please do so. Any questions you have can be directed to the office.


We are in the process of finalising staffing for 2021. Final staffing will be announced in the last week of school. We have already secured some amazing teachers and leaders who will add great value to the already dedicated staff here at PCC.


Since our return from remote learning we have been running a split timetable which cuts the number of students in the yard by 50%. Staff and students have reported that this system is working well. The yard is much calmer and the additional play space is appreciated by all. In fact, this change, which was brought about by our Covid Safe planning has been so successful that staff have voted to keep this plan in place for 2021. 

I hope you enjoy the last four weeks of the school year.


 A final newsletter will be published on the last day of school.


Yours sincerely,

Mandy O'Mara