School News 

Prep News

What a fabulous start to the Term we have had. The Preps were very excited to get back to school and see all their friends. Playtimes have been a highlight and it has been great to see everyone getting along.


Students have loved starting investigations this week, where they have been able to begin exploring all our new learning spaces for Term 3. The whole school concept of Social Justice is being explored through Fairy Tales looking at the themes of friendship and fairness. 

Christopher and Paddy at the Puppet Theatre
Marieke and Harvey at Fairytale Land
Building castles
Making 2D shapes
Making 3D objects
Christopher and Paddy at the Puppet Theatre
Marieke and Harvey at Fairytale Land
Building castles
Making 2D shapes
Making 3D objects


Spelling kicked off with the words zip and yes. Students enjoyed creating mini people to go down a zip line and planning a ‘Yes Day’ for their family. Wouldn’t we all love ice cream for breakfast and to turn the lounge room into a dance party!


In Reading, we have been practising the skill of predicting before and during reading and we have been learning to notice the structure of a Fairy Tale. So far we have read Hansel and Gretel and The Three Little Pigs. The candy house and menacing wolf were a highlight.


In Writing, we have consolidated our understanding of how to write a recount and how to use describing words to describe characters from The Three Little Pigs.


A gentle reminder if you are planning to pick your child up early or drop them off late, please sign them in/out via the front office. They will then be given a pass to bring to class. We really appreciate your support and understanding.


The Prep Team

Alarna Creed, Allie Harrison and Elyce Munnecke

Level 1/2

The students have made a wonderful start to Term 3! They have settled back into routines with ease and have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into their learning. 


Their narratives are fabulous! They have come up with some interesting characters as well developing a plot that keeps the reader hooked. 


In reading the students have been using story clues, picture clues and their background knowledge to make inferences about what they are reading. Students can make inferences when they are reading at home too!


The topic of fractions in maths has been an interesting one! The students are learning lots of new strategies and vocabulary they can use in everyday life, and will apply it to a learning task later in the week. They have looked at halves, quarters, eighths, thirds and even fifths!


The new inquiry topic of Celebrating Differences - Social Justice has been great! The students have been exploring the differences in cultures around the world and comparing how they are different and the same from their friends. 


The Level 1 & 2 Team

Daena Hailey, Kayla Hartrick, Tim Wilson. Llinos Poole & Mykaela Oakley

Level 3/4 News

What a great and smooth start to Term 3 students have had. We hope all students enjoyed their holidays and are now back reading to learn. We can't believe next week is already week 3. We have a lot of great learning activities planned for this term!


In Reading, students have been working on a book study on Stone Fox by John Reynolds. They have also been working to identify subordinating conjunctions, understand there is a clause in a sentence and understand how a sentence can be written in different ways.



In Writing students have been investigating how synonyms can enhance word choice and quality of writing.  They have brainstormed ideas for characters, events and settings and planned a narrative using the correct structure.  


The last two weeks in Maths students have started looking at the topic of Multiplication/Division. Students have begun learning how to use the lattice and grid method to solve and calculate multiplication problems. In our level maths groups students did some revision on fractions. 


Our Inquiry unit this term 'In Someone Else's Shoes' involves students learning about social justice, disabilities and aides that help certain disabilities. 

 Coming up... 

3 Way Conferences via Zoom are next week. Conferences will be held on Tuesday the 26th of July 3:40-7:30 and Thursday 28th 3:40-4:40. Book via Compass.        

The Level 3/4 Team  

Damien Smith, Rachel Boyle, Katie Smith, Carolyn Allen & Hayley Pierce. 

Level 5/6 News


          In 5/6 we have been focusing on understand unfamiliar texts and answer questions using our reading strategies. We have focused on reading unfamiliar text to build our comprehension skills and vocabulary,



In Writing we have been learning the beauty of poetry.  We have been focusing on variety of poems because they have different structures and forms. At the end of this unit our goal is to have created a booklet made purely of our poems. We will choose the poems we are strongly passionate about and that we truly believe in, these include; Haikus, Free Verse, Diamantes and plenty more!



          In Maths we have been learning multiple ways to use fractions to improve our mathematical skills. Last week we were applying our skills to make the lowest and highest common equivalent fractions. This week we are learning about adding and subtracting fractions. We are looking forward to learning more about fractions.


Performing arts: 

          We are very excited to have Kofi join us this term to learn lots of new and superb African instruments such as drums, shakers and loads of new and different African music. We are pumped to have him here to teach us these new skills, thank you to Miss Warner for organizing this! At the end of this 5 week experience we will be doing a parade in the hallway for parents to come watch!


          In P.E we are focusing on invasion games, these games include basketball, netball, football, and ultimate Frisbee. We have also been learning how these games connect in a way such as they have a goal at each end, and there are two teams with attackers and defenders. We are looking forward to learning how to play more types of interesting and new invasion games.


Design and Tech

          In design and tech, we are working on leavers and pulley systems.  We began this unit by identifying where pulleys can be used. We then began to design our own leaver or pulley system to help someone in their everyday life. Mr Taylor is kindly letting us use his VRs to explore the world of video games. We are excited to learn more about pulley systems.


Written by Zoe, Hurley and Amber