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Term 2-Student Special Lunch Day

Friday 16th June-Hot n Crusty Bakery lunch order day: students will have the opportunity to order a pie, sausage roll, pastie or party pies. Order forms will be sent home next week! 

If your child would like to order lunch on this day, please return the order form with correct money in an envelope or zip lock bag to the office by Tuesday 13th June. Thank you!

Please note that sushi lunch orders will run as per usual on this day-if your child would prefer sushi or has a gluten intolerance, they are still able to order sushi on this day!



P&F Positions for 2023

Treasurer-Krystal Burnett

Secretary-Clare Grainger

President-Clare Grainger


We are very keen for new parents & carers to join the p&f committee-please come along to our next meeting on Thursday 13th July (next term) at 2pm at school. 

All very welcome!




Toast is available each morning between 8:30am-8:50am prior to the commencement of the school day for those students who would like a piece before they begin their learning.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who enable this to happen! If you would like to volunteer, please let Clare, Jo or Krystal in the office know!



Friday Sushi Lunch Orders-Lunch Box Sushi Castlemaine 

Sushi is available to be ordered for school lunch each Friday. Orders need to be placed and paid for online via the school lunch online website prior to 5pm each Thursday.



Second Hand School Uniforms

Second hand school uniforms are available at school if you are in need of any items. 

If you have any good quality second hand items that you are happy to donate, please bring them along to the school office. Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has donated items-very much appreciated!

Special thanks to Krystal for organising these uniforms!



Parents of St Mary’s Facebook Page

Join our Parents of St Mary’s Facebook page-a handy method of communication among our school community!



Class Parent/Carer Representative

We are seeking one or two (could be a shared role) parent/carer representatives for each classroom. This will be a contact person for information regarding the class. If you would like to fill this role, please leave your name and number at the school office. Thank you!



Ladies Catch Up

Friday 21st July-7pm at The Railway Hotel. Come along for dinner, dessert and/or a drink. All welcome!



Men’s Catch Up

Stay tuned-planning for a dinner next term in August!



Next P&F Meeting

Our next St Mary’s P&F meeting will be held on Thursday 13th July (next term) at 2pm. Please meet at the school office. All welcome!