Instrumental Music

Music Camp

Great job to everyone who attended Music Camp in Parkville this year! We had a blast getting together and creating some beautiful music. The students would like to thank the amazing staff members who made it possible: Anne Corry (Organiser) Ellyce Calder, (Choir) Andy Clarke (Rock Bands) Susan De Jong, (A’Capella Choir) and Tony Hicks (Orchestra) Thank you for an amazing time over the weekend, and we hope to see even more people attend next year! 


 Maddie Parker 

Middle school Music Captain 

Feedback from Parents 

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for another spectacular music camp weekend. The joy it brings to the students and the audience is palpable. The parents and carers greatly appreciate the dedication of all the staff involved who give up their time to share their love of music and performance with the students. MGC is known and desired by parents and students alike for its fantastic array of extracurricular offerings which are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum. We feel privileged to be a part of the school’s outstanding Arts program and we look forward to many more performances and camps in the years ahead.”


“THANK YOU for a fabulous music camp, Ariella loved it, she couldn’t stop talking about all the great music moments all the way home. She loved the tunes, the teachers, the concert and finding new, like-minded friends. “


“Congratulations and thanks to you and the school for putting on such a successful music camp. Until now, I was unaware of the breadth and depth of the MGC music program. I know how much work must have gone into preparing a camp like that. I was not aware that the school was committing so many resources to music. The teachers were clearly passionate about developing musical interest and ability in an already accomplished cohort of young women. I wish you had been at the performance on Sunday morning to see how advanced the students were. They ranged from year 7 to 12 and were obviously a supportive and cohesive group notwithstanding the wide variety of musical interests and talents. The orchestra had more trombones than the MSO. The whole performance was a treat.I am sure that work is already underway toward organising the next music camp. All I can suggest is that the school considers putting on more of them or for making them 3 or even 4 nights. The benefits of this camp were immediate. The students' enthusiasm and excitement were obvious. Well done to everyone involved.”

String Soiree

Congratulations to all our students learning violin and cello at MGC for their performances at our String Soiree on Tuesday, 23rd May. Thank you to our violin teachers Les Gyori and Keely Moggach and best wishes to our Cello teacher, Lore Burns, who was unable to attend because they are recovering in hospital- we wish them a speedy recovery!