winter magic market 


Books, Books Books – Marie Kondo your bookcase for a good cause

The secondhand book stall is an absolute favourite for so many of the visitors to Winter Magic Market. Take the opportunity to clean out you bookcases and bring along books in good condition for the stall. You can leave the boxes of books in the corridor behind the office (There will be a sign showing you where to drop them off)

Art and craft stalls within the hall - coordinated by Fiona Heathcote, unfortunately once again the stall spaces in the art and craft market have been fully allocated.


This year again we will have some fun inflatable activities on the oval.

• A giant inflatable drop slide

• A new crazy obstacle course

• Wipe out our perennial favourite bouncy obstacle course

• Everyone’s favourite chair-o-plane

• Meltdown – stay on the platforms and avoid the rotating boom.

Wrist bands will again be available at a discount to school families in the two weeks prior to the market. On the day single ride tickets and wrist bands will be available for purchase.

Postcards, posters and advertising

Postcards, posters and pdf files that will be able to be used to promote the event will be available in packs from Friday 26th of July.

Musicians bring magic to the winter market

Live music is one of the highlights of the Winter Magic Market. There will be plenty of opportunities for the kids to perform as well.


The stalls this year will be amazing thank you to all our wonderful parents who are coordinating a stall:



hello wonderful Bakers, Makers and Growers

Here is some important information regarding the Cake and Treat Stalls.

We'd LOVE donations for these two stalls and they don't have to be fancy! Doesn't have to be baking either, if you have any home grown produce (lemons, limes, winter veggies, herbs, eggs).

Please take 30 seconds to let us know online what you're able to donate. This will allow us to easily collate donations and pre-print the labels for the jars and packaged biscuits and slices. We can then ensure that we don't have to nag/plead/beg closer to the market date! We understand that ingredients can change and ovens can fail so don't worry if you end up making a last minute change.

Cake boards, tags and jars are available to collect from the office. Tags are for the cakes only. Please write the name of the cake on one side of the tag and ingredients on the other.

Drop-off goodies between 9-12pm on Saturday 10th August to the multi-purpose room. This is where the stall will be.

Cakes - no wrapping, just on the board and the tag completed. Cakes will be wrapped that morning and the tag attached. Remember, no cream cakes please as we don't have refrigeration facilities.

Jars - once filled can be dropped off on the day or to the office from now on. Please attach your details including name, type of product and number of jars so we can match the printed label to them.

Treats - items for the treat stall need to be NUT FREE. Examples include brownies, cupcakes, fudge, crackles, honey joys, biscuits, meringues, cake pops.

Please write out the ingredients and if it's gluten/dairy free or vegan. Drop off in a labelled container on Saturday morning.

Lastly, we will need cake stands to display all of the wonderful baked goods. If you are happy to lend any you may have please label and drop them to the multipurpose room on Saturday 10th August.

If you need any help or have any questions, please let us know. Feel free to email or see Liz at school on most mornings.

Thanks again!

french club