Whole School News



There will be a Curriculum Day on Friday 9th August. Students are not required at school for this day. 

Out of School Hours Care will be available on this day for those who require care. Please contact the program directly on 9578 1327 or see April or Sharelle in the Hall during program hours. 

Book Week - Wednesday 21st August

Reading is Our Superpower

Ormond Primary school is celebrating Book Week on Wednesday 21st August. 

Year 5 & 6 Students to come dressed as a Villain

Year 3 & 4 Students to come dressed as a Superhero

Foundation – Year 2 Students to choose a Superhero OR Villain from your favourite book.

Foundation News

What a wonderfully busy time the Foundation students experienced last fortnight. We celebrated our milestone 100th day of school where we each counted 100 items, were treated to a Magician (thanks to Mr Hocking) and made magnificent headbands! We learned from Hands-On Science the materials that will be attracted to a magnet, which materials bounce best, which materials are waterproof, and which materials float. We all looked super in our house colours last Monday at Athletics Day where everyone gave it their best shot to do well for their house. Please enjoy the photos from these special days.


This week we will be treated to Ormond’s got Talent and Friday is a whole school Curriculum Day.


This fortnight in English, the spelling diagraphs are sh and ck, with ea and ch now in weeks 5 and 6 due to the extra events of this and last week. In writing we are very focused on our two personal goals to improve our writing skills. Our goals might be to remember to use finger spaces between words, write on the lines, use our Magic Word lists, or use the correct pencil grip.


Your child will share their goals with you at the upcoming Student Led three-way Conferences being held over two nights - Monday 19th August and Tuesday 20th August. Please sign up to attend, via the Ormond Compass website so that your child can share their achievements with you.


Monday 19th August is Book Week and we will be celebrating via a character dress up day on Wednesday, 21st. The theme for this year is good vs evil! There is only one more month to go before the Premier’s reading challenge closes on 6th September. Try to read Challenge Books (see the list on the PRC website) to your child to help them to complete their reading challenge.


In Mathematics, the students are learning to count numbers further than 20 and to increase their understanding of place value. Your child’s mathematics goal is related to increasing fluency and skills in counting.

In Respectful Relationships we are learning about emotional literacy – emotion triggers and acts of kindness.


Have a wonderful fortnight!

Lorraine, Jacinda and Laura


Year 2 News

Last week Year 2 Students enjoyed a trip to the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands Centre as a part of their water and conservation studies. 


"I liked looking at the birds."  – Anna

"I spotted a Dusky Moorhen." – Shrenik

"I spotted a black swan." – Cady

"I really enjoyed testing the binoculars." – Harper

"I spotted a speckled bird." – Henry Nichols

"I spotted 213 pieces of litter on our walk to the bird hide." – Archie

"I was happy to have my dad with me." – Alice

"I enjoyed identifying birds from the chart." – Eva

"I enjoyed the birdhide." – Tate

"I learnt about migratory birds." - Zara


Visual Arts News

Teacher Art and Mindfulness Professional Learning

It was lovely to have all the teachers come to the artroom to attend some professional learning with Education Consultant, Tahlia Megele from Zart Art.  Teachers were able to 'play' with a variety of art materials whilst exploring ways to incorporate some creative mindfulness tasks that could be incorporated in their classrooms.   


Zart Art Gallery

Zart Art is not only a supplier of art materials but supports the community with art education and provides a gallery space to exhibit students' artworks.  In term 1, a selection of our Year 6 students had their watercolour artworks displayed as part of their exhibition. Not only were they well received, but one of our student's work has been published as the front cover of their Art and Craft Classroom Catalogue for 2019, which is distributed across schools nationally.  Congratulations to Charlie Sherman for this notable achievement and to all our wonderful artists at Ormond Primary School!


Trivia Night Art Auction

Currently the students and I are working madly on completing whole class collaborative pieces for the Trivia night Auction.  Birds are flying, feathers and leaves are falling, fish are swimming and paint is splattering! Artworks will be on display a week or so prior to the auction night.  Check out a sneak peak photograph of Year 5C with their still-life piece.


PE & Sport News

Whole School House Athletics Day 

Thank you to everyone - both staff and parents, for their help on making Monday's Athletics Carnival a success. Here is a little taste of some photos. Final results and those students who will be representing OPS at the District Athletics will be announced soon. 



Emma Milliken

PE/Sports Specialist