Numeracy News 2

Numeracy News

Numeracy News is a page to help promote maths in our clever Carnegie community.

In each edition of Numeracy News there will be a problem solving question and a Problem Solving Strategy Friend we would like you to use to try and find an answer. These problem solving strategy friends are taught from Prep to Grade 6 and are a great way to show students various ways that they can try to find answers to a question.

If you have a go at finding a solution please place your entry in the calculator box at the office. All entries will go in the draw to win a small prize and to have their name announced at assembly on Monday morning as Carnegie’s problem solver of the week.  

This week’s focus is






When Pippa draws simple pictures she can make a visual representation of the problem.  

Problem Solving


Hi, I am Mack and I am your 2019 Numeracy captain. This week the questions are:

Junior Question (Prep-Year 2) 

If there were 3 triangles and 1 square, how many sides would there be in total?

Senior Question (Years 3-6)

If there were 3 pentagons, 2 octagons and 4 squares, how many sides would there be in total?


Please place your entry into the calculator box at the office by the 29th of March and include your name and grade.