Classroom News 

Year 2/3/4 Inquiry Showcase 


The Student’s in Year 2/3/4 will be having an Inquiry Showcase on Monday 3rd May. Students will be presenting their learning about the Inquiry topic ‘From Farm to Table/Us’. 


You are invited to the classroom, to watch the students present their learning at 2.20 - 3.00pm, in the Year 2/3/4 Classroom Spaces. The students have been preparing and are excited to share what they have learnt with you. 


Denise and Marie




ANZAC day is a day for us to remember all the soldiers who have fought for us during the First World War and even in all other wars. They were all courageous people and gave us the freedom that we have today.  By Ethan.


ANZAC day is about honoring the ANZACs who fought and died in World War 1. We honor them by having a minute silence where we remember them. In class, we learnt about where they fought. One of those places was Gallipoli in Turkey. They were very courageous and brave. A boy even lied about his age because he wanted to serve his country. He said he was 18 years old but he was actually 14! He did that for a good reason. By Amelia.


My favorite ANZAC activities was reading all the books about ANZAC day and eating some of the ANZAC biscuits. They tasted nice and like oats.   By Michael.


ANZAC day is a day of remembrance and peace to remember all those who gave their lives to protect us. In class, me and my classmates read books and even had ANZAC biscuits. They tasted a little hard but they were yummy!   By Enock. 


ANZAC day is a very special day for us because if it wasn't for the people fought in the war, we wouldn't be living the way that we live, in this beautiful country.   Alex


We read some books about ANZAC day like 'My Grandad Marches on ANZAC day'. During last week, we did different activities about ANZAC day with Ann and Marie. We also  colored in a sheet each that was part of an ANZAC wreath that Marie and Ann then put together.  You can see it in the front school foyer.  By Jaxon. 



Year Ones had a fun time planting some Bluebell bulbs in the Fairy Garden on Monday.  Autumn is the best time for planting because the soil is still warm from Summer.  Now we have to wait all through Winter before they bloom in Spring!


Grade 5/6 Inter-school Sport - Netball

Last Friday the Grade 5/6’s played their first game of inter-school sport against East Preston Islamic College. Both the girls netball team and the mixed netball team played exceptionally well. It was great to see everyone participate and try their best, and most of all have fun! Throughout the two games, both teams displayed our Learning Dispositions of Respect and Resilience.