Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have won an award this week.


Positive People Awards

Prep ASabastian Tampion
Prep BKohan Eagle
Prep CAlexander Hargreaves
1AHughan Cameron
1BKhadija Nur Azizah, Oliver Kennedy and Olivia Rye
2AEbony Fourie
2BJonathan Klein and Charlie Martini
2CChayse Carey
3/4ACharlie Thompson
3/4BNarrah Ugle-Hagan
3/4CKate Cousins, Sienna Rye and Nate Taverna-James

Parmin Safari, Clancey Green, Shylo Clarke, Kobe Lamb, Ollie Martini 

and Zakary Vincent

5/6AGeorge Chomentowski
5/6BOlivia Anderson
5/6CMaddalyn McDowell
5/6DBailey Bell

Specialist Awards

ARTAylee Billington, Elouise Auletta, Isobel Logan, Raymond Parnell and Aurora Walmsley
LOTEPaige Serra, Benjie Collie, Wenze Xie and Lowanna Chatfield
PEGrace Brown, Mikaeli Balazs, Michael Consedine, Holly Fitzhardinge and Charles Watson