Performing Arts News 

Music, Dance and Drama

What a wonderful semester we have had with Preps, Grade Ones and Grade Twos in Performing Arts! 


In Term One, we had a dance focus and students enjoyed working with Stomp Dance Company for five weeks, learning a couple of dance routines. Students loved performing their work at the Junior School Stomp Dance Presentation in front of a huge audience. It was great to be back celebrating student achievements with the school community.


In Term Two, our focus switched to music. Preps learnt about pitch, tempo and dynamics. We sang songs and played lots of different instruments such as Boom Whackers. We learnt about some of the notes and their values and used these to identify, read, play and write music. I can tell you that Preps take Rhythm Bingo very seriously. 


Grade Ones and Twos revised their work on fundamental music theory. We learnt about body percussion and students created their own choreography. We wrote, read and played our own pieces of music using layering and a range of different instruments. The highlight was learning “Rattlin Bog” which is a fast paced Irish folk tune that adds a line with each verse. It was a challenging piece but students took it in their stride. By the end of the term, students were performing the song double speed with choreography!

Thank you to the Preps, Grade Ones and Grade Twos for a wonderful start to the year in Performing Arts. 


Next term, Prep-2 students will be doing Global Studies and the Grade 3-6 students will have Performing Arts. Performing Arts will be for an hour once a week. We will be starting with a music unit about African Drumming which is very exciting!


Have a wonderful holiday break!

Kate Warner

(Performing Arts Teacher)