Our Prep Scientists have shown amazing science skills this term as they have been learning all about movement in their Physics Unit. They did a wonderful job putting their knowledge of movement into making their toys and worked hard to show their learning through drawing and writing in their science booklets.

Next term the Preps will begin learning about Chemical Science. This is a super fun unit where we will learn all about materials and use this new knowledge to design and make the 4th Three Little Pigs house and test it against the Big Bad Wolf (aka: hairdryer).



The Grade 1 students have been very busy learning about light and sound this term in Science. In the last few weeks students have been creating a sonic scuplture. The students have been using everyday materials to produce a piece of art that makes sound. 



It's official.....the Grade 2s are super scientists!!! Their enthusiasm and engagement throughout this term has been amazing! They have been busy working in teams to create their Rube Goldberg machines and their imaginations were at work. These machines were very impressive and we look forward to sharing the footage with you during our Science Night in term 3! 


GRADE 3/4:

The 3/4 students have blown us away with their enthusiasm, participation, and knowledge this term! In the last few weeks, students have learned about how heat transfers through conduction, convection and radiation through cooking popcorn using three different methods. Students have also been learning about conductors and insulators. The 3/4 students have applied their knowledge of heat from this term to create their insulated lunchbox. Well done, 3/4 students on a fantastic Term of science!





GRADE 5/6:

Recent experiments have seen Grade 5/6 students using with Fiber Optic cables, which are able to transmit data as light over vast distances at incredible speeds.

Mini Games. We are now putting on the finishing touches to the Light and Electricity games that the Grade 5/6 students have been building. They have been busy writing game rules, testing and adjusting their designs.


You might see one of these games come home during the last week of term. Students are going to share their games, and care for the projects till our Science night in Term 3.

Send us your science

We would love to see the science being done at home by our awesome RHPS scientists. If you would like to share the science that you have been doing at home please use this link: