Pink Lady Day:

Canteen is working with our JSC to raise money for Breast Cancer Network Australia. 

On Tuesday 12th July, we will be holding 'Pink Lady Day' with a special Bento Lunch (along with a modified regular menu). 

$1 from the purchase of each Bento will be donated to the network through JSC and there is the option of 'purchasing' a donation through MSC. The donation will be passed on in full. 

When ordering for this day, please use the 'Pink Lady Day - Breast Cancer Network Aus. - Tuesday 12th July' within the menu tab and select Tuesday 12th July as the date required. 

Although the menu is a little smaller for this day in MSC, the window will be open on the day with our whole range of snack and frozen items for cash sales.



All Things Australian Lunch:

On Monday 1st August, canteen will be holding a special 'Aussie' themed lunch. Think: Snags in Bread, Lamingtons, Aussie themed shortbread shapes........ Orders will go live on MSC through the holidays. 


Lettuce and fresh produce shortage:

Due to the current shortages of fresh produce, items may be unavailable. Items will be substituted where possible.

Thank you for your understanding.



Have a fantastic and restful holiday.