Primary News

Peaceful Kids

We are excited to offer a new program called Peaceful Kids to our students. Peaceful Kids is a developmentally appropriate program that helps children: 

  • build their emotional resilience
  • learn coping strategies that help lessen the symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • learn problem solving strategies
  • understanding and recognise their own feelings.

The aim of the program is to teach children mindfulness exercises they can use for life, to teach a range of effective coping strategies and to develop emotional intelligence skills. 


We are launching Peaceful Kids to our students in Years 1 - 6. The program will be run in small groups of 4-6 children with participation being by parental nomination. Each group will do these sessions 1 day a week for 8 weeks during the lunchtime break (they will still have time for eat their lunch)


 If you would like to nominate your child to participate in the Peaceful Kids program, or would like further information, please contact Sally Macey at

Public Speaking 2020

Each year, students from Years 3 - 6 are involved in our Public Speaking Competition. Throughout Week 7 (beginning 31 August) students will be presenting their speeches in class. To be eligible for the finals, students must be ready to present from the Monday of Week 7. Semi-finalists are chosen from each of the class groups within the grade. These students then give their speech to the whole grade and between 4 and 6 (depending on the grade size) finalists are chosen. Parents do not attend these in-class presentations. 



* All students are required to present a speech, on any chosen topic, to their class. We suggest that students choose something that they can speak knowledgeably about. 

* Speeches are written and rehearsed at home. 

* Parents are allowed to offer as much support as they can - this can include helping your child to write their speech. 

* Students are encouraged to use palm cards (not pages) during the presentation of their speech. 

* Time limits for speeches Year 3 and 4: 3-4 minutes, Year 5 and 6: 4-5 minutes. 


The criteria for judging include how the speaker:

* Captures and maintains the interest of their audience.

* Makes eye contact.

* Delivers their speech fluently. 

* Meets the given time frame. 

* Relies on their notes. 


Should you have any questions regarding your child’s participation in the Public Speaking Competition, please contact their classroom Leader of Learning.

Mary Mackillop Award

Our Mary Mackillop Award is designed to reflect the Christian values of our school and of Mary Mackillop. Students who receive this award have seen someone in need and have done something to help. 


Congratulations to the following students:

Week 4

Eli McCormick, Nusaiah See, Jaylah Copeland, Holly Kelso, Pippa Fleming, Paris Barnes, Sophie Lai, Riku Thomson, Corey Lai, Beau Joseph, Lily Key, Eliza Amos, Isobel Bekker



ICAS 2020

Below is the ICAS timetable for 2020. If you have already paid for your child to participate in these exams, we ask that you remind them of the tests they are sitting. 

We will call for the students at the exam time. They will use their school device to sit these but will need to provide their own headphones. 

Week 7Term 4

Tuesday 1st September 11:40am


Date and time to be confirmed

Spelling Bee



We continue provide a relentless focus on literacy through our two hour uninterrupted literacy block. We also provide access to explicit and systematic reading intervention program for small groups delivered by well-trained and well-supported teacher aides. In the 'MiniLit' and 'MacqLit' sessions students complete comprehensive sequences of lessons including all the components necessary for effective reading instruction. 


Leaders of Learning have contacted parents of students  participating in the MultiLit programs. For further information please follow the link below.