ACT NOW: Year 7 - 2023, 2024 & 2025 Enrolment Applications Now Open

Do you have a student who will be starting Year 7 in the coming few years, or do you have a neighbour or friend whose child will be starting Year 7 soon?



PLEASE NOTE: If you currently have a child enrolled in St. Peter’s College you are still required to submit an Enrolment Application for younger siblings.

Enrolment Campus Tours

St. Peter’s College engages with parents and guardians to enhance the learning outcomes of students. This starts when we first open our classrooms for parents and students to visit with our Guided Campus Tours.

Come along. You will have the opportunity to ask our students your questions, where their answers aren’t rehearsed, and they will give you the best possible insight of what the College can deliver in regards to not only educating your child, but also developing your child as a whole person.

When selecting a secondary school for your child, you need to feel confident in not only what that school can deliver in Year 7, but how the school can provide a stimulating learning environment across the six years. It’s a big decision. 

Our desire is for students to run excitedly through St. Peter’s College gates to commence their secondary schooling as a Year 7 student, and walk out at the end of Year 12, with confidence, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of positivity about their future lives. 

Our 21st Century learner will need a skill-set of: critical thinking, effective communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively & creativity. We at St. Peter’s College strive to provide opportunities for our students to engage and excel in all of these areas.

We are a proudly Catholic community with a focus on Christ at the centre of our learning. Servicing both the Clyde North and Cranbourne residents, we have a strong focus on the development of the whole person, spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally to meet the challenges of a global citizen.

All your Application can be completed online


We have recently launched our ‘APPLY’ On-line Application Form, where you can complete your enrolment application on-line, including the uploading of all supporting documents.

Please visit our website for full guide on our Enrolment Application Process 


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Need more information or support in the process? 

Our Registrar Mrs Wendy Height is available to answer all your questions and to support you throughout the Enrolment Application process. Please use our Enrolment Enquiries Form 

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