Round the classes 

Reception class : Katie 

In the Reception class we have been learning how to decode CCVC (eg consonant consonant vowel consonant), CVCC and CCVCC words. We have also started learning some of the digraphs like 'sh' and 'ch.' 

In maths we have been learning how to write and recognise the teen numbers as well as exploring different ways of making ten. 

As part of HASS we have been learning about Reconciliation Week and the importance of this event. This week we will also start our learning about other celebrations. 

As part of our design and technology we have been learning about what it means to design and create something and this week we made some nests. We also continue to learn about all of our Kimochi characters.  


Year 1/2 classes : Sam and Kelly

At the beginning of National Reconciliation Week we were fortunate to have a special Smoking Ceremony, Welcome to Country and dance performance by David Booth and his three sons. We were very impressed with their dance about the butterfly ‘Imbala’. We also listened to a story by author Boori Monty Prior - ‘Shake a Leg’ in class. We made some text-to-self and text-to-text connections when we read about the character dancing like an Imbala! Students in Sam's class drew their own butterflies using the traditional colours of ochre: red, black, yellow and white. In Kelly's class students took a keen interest in 'The Rainbow Serpent' dreaming story. Students completed some fabulous artwork depicting their favourite part of the story. See some pictures of our hallway displays below. 

All students agree that one of the greatest highlights so far this term has been engaging in and celebrating National Reconciliation Week. Both Year 1/2 classes thoroughly enjoyed mixing with older and younger students and participating in all the fun activities teachers had planned across our amazing school last Friday. 

Quotes from our classes: 

'My favourite part of Reconciliation Week was making damper with Margie and Troy, making a huge Aboriginal flag with Sam, watching Dreaming Stories with Mrs Tume and doing mud paintings with Kelly. I learnt that Aboriginal People have a strong connection to the land and they looked after the land.' - Charlotte


'I learnt about respecting what happened in the past to the Aboriginals.' - Maddison


'I learnt how to be kind and take care of people from different cultures. I liked doing a game with  Alex in the gym where we got to run around.' - Henri


'I learnt that Reconciliation is about people being nice to each other.' - Kobe


'I enjoyed drama with Sallie because I could act as a kangaroo and there were lots of different materials to perform in.' - Elsie 


Across the week, the Year 1/2 classes were exposed to a large variety of dreaming stories from various language groups including: 'Tiddalik the Frog', 'The Rainbow Serpent' and 'Dunbi the Owl'. Students retold the stories in their own words and practised their reading comprehension strategies including: activating prior knowledge, predicting, questioning and making connections. 


In Maths we continue to focus on doubles, near doubles, addition and subtraction strategies. We have also commenced our new topic in Maths, learning about fractions which has been a lot of fun! 


Year 3/4 class: Henry

Over Week 5 and 6 our class has continued to explore the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. In particular, we have been looking for symmetry in different shapes, in art and in the classroom. We have also been enjoying problem solving investigations that have had the class using a range of mathematical strategies to prove that an answer had to be true. In English we have spent time considering the future of our community while writing and discussing how the town will be different in the future. Our brilliant ideas for the future have then been turned into digital representations in Design and Technology as we drafted and published 3D models. Some examples of our innovations include self-refilling dog water bowls, robot rubbish bins, a café on wheels that comes to you, and an automatic tree planting machine. 


Year 3/4 class: Alex

During Week 5, students participated in and thoroughly enjoyed a range of interesting and engaging Reconciliation Week experiences run by staff at the school. They reflected upon the meaning of reconciliation and investigated the history surrounding the referendum on May 27th 1967 and Mabo Day on June 3rd. Students wrote about their understanding of reconciliation on the whole-school ‘graffiti wall' display. Students also studied the 2022 Reconciliation Week poster artwork by Tori-Jay Mordey and used this as inspiration to create their own poster representing the theme of ‘Be Brave, Make Change’. Both Year 3/4 classes worked together to run the Reconciliation Week assembly. 

In Literacy students have been working on their persuasive writing skills, brainstorming reasons for and against topics then selecting and discussing which reasons are strong and convincing and why. They have also been thinking and writing ‘letters to the future’, having a say as to how they think the community of Uraidla could be improved in the future and posting these in the ‘Imagine Uraidla’ suggestion box. 

In Maths students have been practising their daily fluency and problem-solving skills in their mental maths and challenge card tasks. They have also been applying a range of strategies to solve subtraction problems. Students enjoyed an informative and interesting Cyber Safety session in Week 6 which covered topics such as identifying cyber bullying, respect toward others when deciding whether or not to post photos, who it is safe to communicate with online, healthy amounts of screen time and the effect of blue light on sleep when looking at a screen before bed. 

Cyber Safety presentation
Cyber Safety presentation


Year 5/6 class: We have enjoyed having Lachlan and Larissa with us and will be sad to see them go (Friday is their last day).  While with them we have been working on percentages in Maths and concentrating on reading our Guided Reading novels.  They also engaged us with some interesting and relevant Reconciliation activities.  



Hi, my name is Karim. I am in the 5/6 class. I tried out for the Hills football team. There were two try outs and I was selected. The games were held at West Beach from Wednesday to Friday and some of my family came to watch. 

I was chosen to be captain for my team. It was great and I made lots of friends too. We played nine games and we won six of them. If we had won just one more game we would have received a medal!


Boys' Knockout Netball 

When we arrived at Coromandel Valley Primary School we saw that the courts were slippery so we were worried that it might affect our game. We had a bye for the first game so Jo ran us through some warmup skills. For our first game we lost against Hawthorndene Primary School 40 to 10. Even though we lost we had a lot of fun and we were learning as we went. In our second game against Coromandel Valley Primary School we lost 45 to 13 but again everyone enjoyed themselves. We all played really well and it was a blast. A huge thanks to Jo Cox and Bec Smith for umpiring, driving and coaching. 

By Campbell


Girls' Knockout Netball 

We arrived at around 8.50am at the Heathfield Courts and we did a whole group warm up with the two other teams competing which were Crafers and Heathfield/Mylor. The first game didn’t involve us so we watched from our seats and got the team positions plan ready for our game. In the second game, we were against Heathfield/Mylor and in the first quarter the score was level but in the second quarter we were up by fifteen goals and we ended up winning the game, 24 Uraidla to 7 Heathfield/Mylor. In the third game for the day we played against Crafers and we were down by a lot at half time. In the last half, we managed to get a goal but we ended up losing 3-Uraidla to 47-Crafers. We all had a really fun experience and everyone did really well on the court. Overall it was a really fun day! 

A big thank you to Sonya Wilson and Cara Serotzki for driving us there and watching and coaching all our games. 

By Hannah

Indonesian : Ibu Susan

For Reconciliation Week we looked at the relationship between the Indigenous Australians in northern Australia and Indonesian fishermen long before those islands were even called Indonesia. They had a relationship based on trade. They traded things like sea cucumbers, rice, metal axes and words. Ancient Indigenous rock art depicts Indonesian-style canoes visiting our northern shores. This relationship is still fondly remembered by these groups today.