School News 

Walk Safely to School Day

Next Friday 20 May students will have the opportunity to participate in National Walk Safely to School Day as part of a national campaign to promote greater physical activity for children. Students can walk to school in groups from three different locations: 

  • The corner of Gully and Greenhill Roads, Carey Gully at 8.15am with Suzie Tume
  • The Summertown Church at 8.15am with Troy and Margie. 
  • The corner of Swamp and Parish Hill Roads at 8.30am with Alex.
  • The bus shelter in the Uraidla main street at 8.30am with Di.

There will be a staff member at each location, but parents are also encouraged to walk with the children.


In order for the children to enjoy a fruit platter together in their classrooms when they arrive, we are asking them to bring a piece of fruit on Thursday 19 May so staff can prepare it ready for their arrival. 


Any late changes will be notified through SeeSaw. Thank you! 

Fairy Garden request

Do you have any fairies or fairy furniture that you could donate to the Fairy Garden? We would love some new fairies to play with. 

We would also like things for the bases and for the mud kitchen. 

Thank you! from the SRC (Student Representative Council)


*** The SRC is pictured in the photo banner above at our weekly meeting, working hard to make improvements to the school on behalf of all students. Thank you SRC members! ***

A Note from Emily

Hello and welcome back! Just a quick note from me this week. I have recently been made aware that Summit Health has developed a new child and family counselling service to meet the needs of children and families in our communities. This has come from a high demand of children and families struggling to find locally based counselling services in the Hills and Eastern Fleurieu areas. If you would like to know more information about this service, please let me know and I can give you some further details about it which may help. They also provide support for families who are financially and social disadvantaged. If for whatever reason you feel like you need the support or help, do not be afraid to reach out. We here at Uraidla Primary are here to support you as much as we can. I hope you have had a restful break and are ready to jump into what this term has to offer!

Emily Morgan, Pastoral Care Worker

Terrific Kids 

Congratulations to our Terrific Kids for Term 1, Vincent Sachse and Batisba Matson! Thank you to Cara Serotzki for coming along to present the awards on behalf of the Adelaide Hills Kiwanis Club at our end of term assembly.  Batsiba was at home unwell, but still managed to join us on Zoom! 


We would also like to sincerely thank the Adelaide Hills Kiwanis Club for their very generous donation of $2000 for our school's social justice fund. We are extremely grateful for this support of our families!  

Fun Run Crazy Colour Fundraising

The Parents and Friends are holding the School Fun Run’s Crazy Colour Day as a major fundraising event this year!  The event will be held on Friday June 10th. We are really hoping to raise $5000 which will pay for improving the school grounds and children's experiences.

Keep your eyes peeled for the sponsorship forms which will be sent home with your child. Once you have the form, you should sign up for a Student Profile Page at You’ll be able to access online fundraising and can win a $20,000 Ultimate Family Package!

Students who raise $10 or more will receive a reward, and the more money you raise the better the reward, and the more you help the school!

We’re looking for all students to participate and we’re organising a great day for our community, so we’d love everyone to come down to support the kids.

If you have any questions about the Crazy Colour Day please contact the School Fun Run Office on 1800 FUN RUN.

Thanks for supporting the school and we hope to see you at the event!

Parents and Friends 

It was great to see Lizzie who dropped by for a COVID safe visit last week!
It was great to see Lizzie who dropped by for a COVID safe visit last week!

Entertainment Book Fundraiser

Memberships give you thousands of 2-for-1 and up to 50% off offers from many of the most popular restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping, accommodation in your area and more. There are three kinds of Entertainment Memberships that you can buy: Single City, Multi City (for the whole of Australia, New Zealand and Bali), or a 2-year Multi City Membership.  S‍ingle city membership is $69.99.

The school will receive 20% from your purchase of the Entertainment Book‍ so get your Membership today.

Click on the link to order.




COVID restrictions

Here are the current recommendations from the Department for Education:  

COVID safe measures

  • All students and staff must stay home if unwell, even mildly. If students become unwell at school, we are unable to care for them here and we will be contacting you to collect them asap. Please have a plan in place for someone who can collect your child within a half hour. 
  • We will be maximising ventilation by leaving doors/windows open, using air conditioning and fans, and keeping doors and windows open. Please make sure your kids have a jumper - it might be cold in classrooms with the additional ventilation. We have had a number of students complaining about the cold, without a jumper in their bags. 
  • Outdoor learning will be encouraged where appropriate.
  • Adults will practise physical distancing where possible. 
  • We will continue to practise and promote hand and respiratory hygiene. Hand sanitiser will be provided for regular use, and disposable masks.
  • Students are being asked to fill up their drink bottles from taps in preference to drinking directly from the taps, so please make sure they have a labelled bottle every day. 

Face masks

  • We will be requiring everyone to wear masks, to minimise the risk of infection. 
  • Face masks are strongly recommended for students in years 3 to 6. We will be expecting all students in the Year 3-6 classes to be wearing a mask. 
  • We have received a supply of smaller masks, and we encourage our younger students to wear masks. Children can bring their own masks from home as well. 
  • Teachers will be wearing masks, except when it impedes the ability to teach. 

Can parents and carers come into the buildings? 

  • We have been asked to minimise the number of adults who come onto our site for the time being.  Please send notes back to school with children rather than dropping them off yourselves, and contact us by phone or SeeSaw in preference to meeting in person.
  • However, if you need to see us, yes you are welcome! You just need to ensure you do a COVID-Safe check in when entering the building and practise physical distancing from other adults. If there is another adult in the front office area, please make your presence known to front office staff and then wait outside until called. 
  • Please note that all adults are required to wear masks when entering school or preschool buildings.

Pick up and drop off

  • In the morning please continue to drop children off at one of the entrances to the school grounds, and allow them to make their own way to their classrooms. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please make contact through the SeeSaw app. 
  • In the afternoon please make a quick pick-up from the gate. Children are not allowed to play in the playground after school for the time being. 


  • Assemblies are now allowed to be held in person once again with COVID sfae measures in place, once a fortnight on the Friday of every odd week at 2:40 unless informed otherwise. 

Flexischools App

We have taken on a new method of payments for the school. The Flexischools app allows you to pay for certain school services. Information is provided below. This is the preferred way to pay when available, but we will still accept cash and card. It is not available for all services, but we are hoping to streamline payments as much as possible. You can now pay your materials and services fees via the app, and soon instrument hire and book fees. Please call Sara on the school number if you have any questions.