Sports Day 2023

Sports Day/ Colour Run 2022 @ LNPS

What a memorable day our annual Sports Day was! We had absolutely perfect weather conditions and the oval was buzzing with activity and laughter. 


The day kicked off with our traditional health hustle, with a connection to Olivia Newton-John for Mrs Byrnes. Banners were flying proudly and team chants could be heard from afar. The morning proceeded with whole school championship sprints which did not disappoint. 


After all the student's parents and staff cheered on all runners we moved to our ever-so-fun whole school baton relay which sure was a hit. 


After recess, tabloid events kicked off. The events encouraged teamwork, sportsmanship, collaboration and creativity and a great time was had by all, even some parents joined in the fun! 


Sports Day wouldn't be the same without the tug-o-war tradition. Brian dominated the Senior's tug-o-war and yes staff won again! 


After the results were finalised the 2022 winners were announced, yes Grallina takes the shield for the fourth year in a row! Team captains proudly presented their winning speech and were awarded the perpetual LNPS trophy. 


The fun and excitement continued on with the Colour Run. Children, staff and parents got to let their hair down and run around the oval in a sea of colour. Wow, what an amazing day, such a memorable one particularly for our Year 6's as they head off to secondary school. 


We hope everyone had a great day and thank you so much for supporting our school fun fundraiser. We raised $6,197.40 for our school and we couldn’t have done this without all the support from our school community.


Congratulations Grallina once more and to all our students in Brian, Malurus and Pierson. All students should be proud of their achievements and their commitment to our school's values

GRALLINA - 6644 

MALURUS - 6073 

BRIAN - 5687

PIERSON - 5388


Grallina Victory Speech

Hello all teams, parents and staff, here with me are Jacob A, Layla R and Ruby K. We would like to start by saying a big thank you to every team for participating on this day, you all did a great job! 


We also saw many students following our school values and keys to success which was great to see! We hope everyone had a great day and had lots of fun. We are very proud of all the effort everyone put into helping out their team today and earning their team points towards this day.


Thank you to all the staff who were able to make this day possible. We are very grateful that we were able to participate today. We would like to give a special mention to Mr Smith and Ms Byrnes for helping out with creating the health hustle, organising the tabloid events, setting up and many other things that are much appreciated. We would also like to give a big thanks to the sports day committee, parents, captains and vice captains, health hustle crew and those who helped out with different roles and jobs.


We are very proud of our amazing team Grallina for helping out and leading our team to another victory! We wouldn’t have been able to celebrate without your support and the effort you all put into today! It is an honour that we are your captains and we are so happy that we were able to support you guys through this amazing journey in 2022. 


Thank you to everyone again who have shown our school values today and we hope you will make sure that you're doing the same next year. We encourage everyone to aim high and never give up in the future! Make sure you thank your teachers after this amazing day as we couldn’t have been able to participate in Sports day without them.


We thank everyone for coming today and all the people that participated in today's events.

Layla - We hope that everyone has had a great day so far because we know that we have and it is just going to get better as next up we have the Colour Run!


Thank you all for listening to this speech. Once again, congratulations Grallina! 


Now for one last time, today can all Grallina team members sing our chant.


All Captains- Thank you and GOOOOOOO GRALLINA!!!