Year 3/4 Camp Reflection

Written by Iclal, Arvin and Callum on November 22nd, 2022

Last week the year 3/4 students were on their first camp experience at Iluka Retreat near the Mornington Peninsula for 3 nights. We interviewed Hermela, Emily and Lucas about their thoughts and experiences at camp.


What did you enjoy most about camp?

Emily: I liked canoeing because it was fun and every time we crashed we would yell “RETREAT!” and I got to be with my friends.

Lucas: Because I'm scared of heights and I wanted to conquer it.

Hermela: I really enjoyed the Canoeing and bonding with friends.


What activities did you participate in?

Emily: Trivia, Tree climbing, Bush cooking, Nature arts, Canoeing, Initiative games, and Watched a movie.

Lucas: Bush Cooking, Initiative Games, Group Games, Canoeing, Tree Climbing and Movies.

Hermela: We did Tree Climbing, Canoeing, Nature Art, Initiative Games, Bush cooking, the beach and group games.


What was the most challenging?

Emily: Bush cooking because the fire and smoke went in your eyes and it was hard to cook.

Lucas: Canoeing because we kept crashing into each other.

Hermela: Tree climbing was the hardest activity because it was very high, I was scared that I would fall.


What was the most memorable moment?

Emily: We went to the beach and did rock pooling.

Lucas: Being around friends and eating an icy-pole while watching a movie.

Hermela: When we spent time with our friends and spent time with our teachers. 


How do you think you have grown as a person through the experience? What has it taught you?

Emily: It taught me cooking skills and I can kind of survive in the wild.

Lucas: It has taught me that friends are there for me and built my relationships with them.

Hermela: It taught me how to collaborate with others and even people that I don't really know.


What was the obstacle you had to overcome to enjoy camp?

Emily: My fear of heights which made it difficult but I enjoyed it.

Lucas: I had nothing I had to overcome, it was an awesome trip.

Hermela: My obstacle that I had to overcome was staying away from my family for two nights, that was very challengeing.