OSHC - Lining up after a day outside

Afternoon Snack

Monday:  bread with spreads

Tuesday:  yoghurt with fruit

Wednesday:   raisin bread

Thursday:  vegetables, cheese and biscuits

Friday:  dips and biscuits

News from OSHC

April 2020 Holiday Program

Bookings open 24th February 2020 for Syndal South Primary School students. Bookings open 2nd March 2020 for students who do not attend Syndal South Primary School.


Bookings close 13th March 2020. Bookings may be accepted after 13th March 2020 and once the program has commenced, subject to availability. All of these bookings will incur an additional $5.00 per day per child late fee.


Contact:  Mobile 0467 778 488

Email:  ­ohsc.syndal.south.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au



On 24th February 2020 we spoke to the Grade 5 and 6 children regarding homework at OSHC. The children decided that at 5.00pm if they had homework they would speak to an Educator to allow supervision for this. We do not have iPads for the children to access.  The laptops we have hopefully can be reconfigured for their use.

Creators of the Week

A big thank you to Hayley and Avneet who thought about putting a concert together for all the children wanting to participate.  It was a lot of organization, but fun was had by all.



Helper of the Week

Nikhil did a wonderful job suggesting activities for the children. Thank you.


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