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Reboot is a school lunch program for grade 5/6's that uses fun games and activities to learn about wellbeing. REBOOT visitors are from Youth Dimension, who do this program in other schools too. We are very fortunate and grateful for their time.


You may be able to see from the pictures attached that we had lots of fun. There was an icypole comp to see who ate theirs first and put the stick on their forehead, there was a competition to see how many people could get the stuffed bunny through the hoop and a short wellbeing talk. 


The talk was focussed on how we all have value and was demonstrated by screwing up a $50 note and asking if it was still valuable, stomping on it and asking who wanted it, calling it names and asking if anyone still wanted it. No matter what happens to us , we still retain our value. This was reinforced with a short activity at the tables where the students spun a dice and whatever number they got was attached to a statement about our value and we had short discussions about this. We finished with another game. There were easily 25 students involved.😎




Thankyou Mr A. for joining us most weeks to share a game with some of our students. The students have been enjoying painting, chess, charades and twister to name a few.

If anyone has any paints they are not using , we could use them in our club. You can see by the pics how much they are enjoying this time.🙂



HOLIDAY C.H.A.T CAMP DAY CAMP 9am-3:30pm April 11-14th

Chaplains are required to work some of the holidays and so I will be running a holiday fun club themed around respectful relationships and cultural diversity. 


The cost is just $10 per day per child and the age group is grade 4 to grade 8. The location will be the school grounds we believe. Friends, neighbours and cousins are welcome to come along too.


For more information or to register, you can use this link:



CHAT Encounter Culture Camp

Location TBA - Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023 9:00 am - Friday, 14 Apr 2023 3:30 pm AEST

Or you can email Chappy for more info



C.H.A.T is an acronym for Cultural Hearing Asking Telling. It's a safe space to learn how to have curious conversations without judgement with anyone who is different to us and we learn things about our friends we may not have known before. This is all done through team activities using sport, art, drama, music, yarns, food and fun . There will also be a talent showcase on the last day to which parents are invited to watch.  





FREE Parenting Course Online PPP


The three Ps in ‘Triple P’ stand for ‘Positive Parenting Program’. Triple P is designed to give anyone taking on a parenting role (including step-parents, foster parents, and grandparents) useful knowledge, skills to help with raising children.

Each Triple P program has been developed through ongoing studies and knowledge about child development and psychology. This evidence-based, university-developed program, created here in Australia, is now supported by more than 35 years of ongoing research:

  • More than 740 Australian and international trials, studies and published papers, including
  • More than 380 evaluation studies, which includes
  • More than 180 randomised controlled trials

And this research continues – so that new specialist programs can continue to be created, and existing programs are refined and updated to meet the needs of today’s families.

The research also includes continually seeking feedback from those who do the programs to track rates of satisfaction, progress, and suggestions.

Triple P draws on social learning, cognitive behavioural and developmental theory, and research about social and behavioural problems in children. After doing the right Triple P program to meet their needs, families are better able to be self-sufficient and able to manage family issues without ongoing support.

You can see the full evidence base here:



Eleven88 Wellbeing Project:

Low cost dance lessons , mentoring, wellbeing group work called 'Soul Sess', or you an learn guitar. Only 5 minutes from school in the BBC Church hall. Click the link for more info:


The Wellbeing Project — Eleven88 Dance