Student Engagement

A great big thank you to all the families who have returned the behavioural agreements. We are still chasing a few up so please contact Mrs Waldron or your classroom teacher for your copy.

House Points

Our House Point system has been a genuine highlight of the term. We have now seen all houses have their turn at winning the ultimate glory! The prizes have included things such as a zooper dooper, a chocolate treat and the privilege of taking your shoes off in the classroom for a day. The interesting trend is that the house that wins the bonus points at assembly for demonstrating quality listening skills, great focus and encouraging behaviour, seem to be the next week winners. I love that this shows a genuine even spread of weekly house points and it literally comes down to the bonus points that are awarded! I’m feeling another double house point day in the horizon and how excitingly that all these points will contribute to an overall term winner! Who will it be!?

‘Cool to be at school’

Our next lot of legends who have been rewarded for excellent attendance have been Ryder S and Adele R getting a second win on the board! The whole school excitement at assemblies on the lead up to the presentation of the winners is my personal favourite part! We look forward to seeing this continue.


This fortnight saw our first brief SRC meeting where our students were able to ask their classrooms about their recess/lunchtime sporting equipment. They took on ideas and recommendations of things that may like to be added so that our classes can make the most of recess/lunchtime activities with things they like to play with. We look forward to our next meeting without being interrupted with things such as Athletics and NAPLAN to further discuss what responsibilities our representatives will be involved in and how we can increase our student voice and agency within the school community.