Junior School

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Last week we all competed in our House Athletics. The weather was fantastic and the kids had a great time battling it out in running races, Vortex throw, hurdles and many more activities. A huge thank you to all of our parent helpers without whom these days can't happen without and the spectators who cheered everyone on. Of course Mrs Waldron planned and implemented an amazing day - thanks from the Junior school!

Prep News

We have had lots of exciting adventures in the prep classroom! We had athletics day last week and our preps did so well and we are very proud of the effort everyone put in. 

This week, we went on a scavenger hunt with our big buddies! We looked in nature for things like different kinds of birds, spider webs and beautiful flowers.

In literacy we have had lots of fun and hands-on activities. In our morning we had fine motor activities and for the next rotation we have alphabet formation happening using sand and Play Doh, “shape” butterflies and threading beads onto pipe cleaners and making our own shapes and patterns. We have also been writing our own stories with characters, a setting, problem and resolution! Soon, we 

will have mini origami books with our published stories to take home.

In numeracy, we have started learning about subitising (knowing how many objects there are without counting)  and making patterns. The preps have done outstanding work in these lessons so far and have shown already that they know how to subitise versus count to check and they understand how to decide what the “core” of their pattern will be and how to repeat it to turn the core into a pattern

1/2 News

Time is flying by and we have been super busy in the 1/2 area. We were very lucky to have Olly's mum come into 1/2PB and show us some retro history items. The kids loved looking at things like floppy discs and rotary dial telephones. 

We have been learning about measurement in maths using hands-on materials and rulers. We have measured different body parts with cubes and rulers and used our bodies to measure things like the basketball court. We al

so learnt about edges and vertices of 2D shapes.

We finished fairy tale writing and have moved on to persuasive writing in literacy. We have also learnt about exclamation marks and speech marks.

P.S. 1/2NP has a challenge until the end of term to learn to tie our shoelaces. Every morning we are practising together and soon we will be tying superstars! You can help us to reach our goal of everyone knowing how to tie their laces by practising at home.