WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator - Ms. Carmela Santucci

Westall English Language Centre would like to welcome our new students. Although the WELC community changes each term, some things remain the same – the learning that takes place and the friendships that develop. More and more, we see past Language Centre students returning to visit the teachers and meet the new students. This is such a positive behaviour as it models the positive learning in WELC, and creates connections with the Westall wider community.


The recent refurbishment in the Language Centre has created a flexible learning environment. The operable walls allow rooms to be used as smaller learning spaces, or, when necessary, for whole school activities. These new learning spaces encourage creativity in our teaching and learning.


Students in the Language Centre recently visited the MCG and the National Sports Museum. As we walked through parts of the MCG, our guides imparted a lot of information about the sporting arena and the events held there. The guides were entertaining and informative and kept the students engaged.  The exhibitions in the museum traced the history of some of the popular sports in Australia, and there were many interactive activities for the students to experience. This provides our students with historical and cultural experiences, which helps them develop a better understanding of the communities they live in.

Westall Secondary College

Cross Country Race

Congratulations to our First Place runners!
Congratulations to our First Place runners!

WELC students took part in the Westall Secondary College Cross Country on Tuesday, 1st May. For many it was a great challenge, as they have never run such distances before, and should be commended for their effort.